How to Sell On LinkedIn Without Paid Ads

How to Sell On LinkedIn Without Paid Ads

Being the most prominent professional and business network currently, selling on the platform should be pretty simple. But paid ads can be a hindrance when conducting business. If you are having a hard time because of the ads, you need to do something.

If you are thinking about how to sell on LinkedIn without paid ads, keep reading to obtain some tips for social media marketing on LinkedIn. You will not have to spend money on unnecessary ads when you follow the advice.

Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Sell 

You may not have realised, but your LinkedIn Profile section can be a great place to sell and promote your goods or services. You only have to post and display the ideal content and connect with potential customers. 

You can do it in the “Featured section,” just under the “About” section. There are several things that you can do in this section. 

You can share LinkedIn content, upload pictures or documents and also connect to off-platform content.

Three types of users visit any page; first-timers, two-three timers and regular visitors. So, when you post content and interact with them, know how to keep them interested. 

For the first type, provide helpful info and explain without wasting a lot of time. For the second type, you can include another link to another resource like an article on a website or a video on YouTube. For the third kind, they know more about your company or product now and are ready to conduct business with you.

So, you can introduce them to more things which will make them trust you more. Sharing with them a link to the opt-in page, calendar page, or any other landing page will be a good idea. 

When posting content, try including your ideas and opinions. While the platform does not show any partiality to any content, it does incline a little towards content that contains a user’s views and thoughts. 

Sell Via Your Company Page

Your company page is also a great place to sell anything. If you put up an attractive and easy-to-use call to action button, target customers can perform their tasks faster and with ease.

You can also choose three unique and attention-grabbing hashtags that will identify your business on the platform.

It will help significantly if your employees connect their personal accounts to your company’s page. More people will see and learn about your business through them when they check out their profiles.

LinkedIn Messages is also a Useful Tool For Selling Things

A lot of times, people complain about spam messages. But you can use this option to introduce and promote your business. You shouldn’t, however, send random messages. Don’t demand that they buy this product; hire your service or ask for a meeting the first time you message. 

Start with introductions and mention a little about your company to get them interested. You can then send a link that they can check out on LinkedIn. 

If they reply or show an interest, you can take the next step as you will do when selling via your profile page.

Experts believe these options work great. So, if you don’t want to spend money on paid ads but want to sell on LinkedIn, give it a try. At the same time, you can also collect some more tips from reliable sources.