How to use Facebook Analytics Effectively

How to use Facebook Analytics Effectively

For so many people around the world, Facebook is one of the most powerful and useful social media platforms for connecting with others as well as being a crucial marketing tool for all sizes of businesses. It allows businesses to reach their target audiences and also a get valuable insight into customer behaviour and preferences. The data you collect from your Facebook posts can be put to useful action. Facebook specializes in providing to businesses looking to market on the platform. This is all part of Facebook analytics. But what is this? What does it mean to you and how can you start using it to improve your marketing and business efforts?

What is Facebook Analytics?

Analytics broadly means using a number of different tools like maths, statistics, and predictive modeling to discover patterns in data. Facebook is able to go through all the data you may have collected from your social posts and finds a pattern that can be applied to marketing. This tool is known as Facebook Insights and is free to use. With this tool, you are able to measure the engagement and effectiveness of your Facebook pages and marketing efforts. With over 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook still is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms to use. Depending on your target audience’s age and lifestyle demographics, Facebook may potentially be a crucial part of a business’s online marketing efforts. Massive amounts of data are being generated both by the users and the software that is tracking their actions.


Engagement means the level at which users are interacting with your content. How often are they leaving comments, liking posts and clicking on links you have embedded into a post? All of this interaction with your content is engagement, and the higher the number is, the more your Facebook content is working, resulting in people taking some kind of action. This is one of the most important tools that Facebook Insights provide to users. It is a critical metric for measuring online marketing success. Finding ways to raise your engagement on your posts is an important strategy in Facebook marketing or any kind of marketing.

Lifestyle Data is Strategy Data

You may know that some people are engaging with your content, but do you know exactly who those people are or what they may have in common with each other? This is another important bit of data that Facebook analytics will give you that will help you when it comes to online marketing. Demographics are about the characteristics that certain segments of the population have. It is important to find the common characteristics in the people who are engaging with your marketing, as well as your product or service. This means you are able to target your marketing for more effective results and higher engagements. With Facebook Analytics you are able to get your demographics attention after changing your marketing to suit them.

Where is Just as Important as Who

Another feature of Facebook analytics is that you can see where on Facebook your level of engagement is coming from. This is a critical tool as you can see where you are doing well and what’s not working as well as you had planned. With this tool, you can see where the likes and other interactions are coming from. For example, you may find that engagement may be low from your Facebook posts, but you are gaining engagement in other areas. Based on your findings you may be able to get some ideas for strategizing in those areas in the future more than others.