How To Write A Compelling Instagram Caption Part 2

How To Write A Compelling Instagram Caption Part 2

Picture this…

Your friend has set you up for your first blind date.

You walk into a dimly lit restaurant and you can hear the low mumble of date night goers and the clinking of wine glasses.

You sip on your sweet citrusy cocktail while you wait. And like magic, they appear…


The guy or gal of your dreams sits down right in front of you and you are stunned by their beauty.

Your palms are getting sweaty and your throat drys up because you have never been in the presence of such a stunner.

You introduce yourself with little to no stutters. This is going well, going great even!

Then they open their mouth to introduce themselves and… OH NO!

You have never heard a more boring and expressionless voice from a person. You struggle through the next hour of the date pretending to read the fancy-looking wine menu.

But ultimately, you decide you never want to see this person ever again…

Well, this is what it can be like when you come across a beautifully curated graphic on your Instagram feed with a dull and dry caption to go along with it.

As we all know beauty and personality go hand in hand. And if you want people to go on that second date with your brand, you need to engage them from the get-go.

Instagram is predominately a photosharing platform with many additional functions including; direct messages, link sharing, profile building and many other elements. The human brain is stimulated by colourful graphics and engaging videos which is why the success of Instagram has not only risen but sustained through time.

Although the graphic element is vital to get right, every Instagram post needs to have the perfect complimenting caption to go with it.

Use emojis and have fun with them

Although emojis came into existence a while ago (back in the good old days of 1997) they have truly had their glow up in recent years. With an emoji to fit every situation, you will never find yourself caught without an appropriate little emoticon to go with your status. Emojis are a great way to make your status a little less formal and more engaging! Obviously don’t go overboard but one or two emojis will be a great way to add a playful take to your social media.

Consider caption length

We’re not trying to write a monologue here. Your captions should be short and punchy and capture your reader’s attention. Keeping your captions short entices your reader to engage with your post whereas, if you have a large block of text this will put off your reader almost immediately. People engage with social media to escape from reality they aren’t looking to dive into a novel. Keeping captions short but relevant is a strong social media strategy.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a staple of your social media campaigns. Although, they should not be overlooked. Your hashtags should be relevant not only to your industry but also to your niche. With hashtags, it’s important to monitor which ones are doing well and to get rid of the ones that aren’t performing the best. Keep an eye on them and swap them out regularly.
Overall, when it comes to Instagram captions keep it: short, relevant and fun! Try including some emojis or fun buzz words in your captions to keep it light. Constantly selling to your audience can become a bit overwhelming and can put people off so make sure you remember who your audience is and how you can appeal to them. Don’t forget to mix up the content and write with intention.
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