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How To Write An Evergreen Blog

Do you want your blogs to be useful? Maybe you’d like to see them reposted on social media because they contain helpful advice. Or maybe you’d like them to be viewed as informative pieces that really benefit you and your customer.

If that’s the case – and we’re guessing it is – then it’s helpful to know about the concept of an evergreen blog. As the name implies, this type of blog is like an evergreen tree. It doesn’t change or go out of date. It stays relevant – and it isn’t affected by developments in the news or technology, for instance.

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based agency, we’ll explain how you can create your own evergreen blogs.  

Think About Headlines

The headline of any blog is crucial. It’s the first thing people read, and if they like it they will carry on reading. A good way of creating a headline for an evergreen blog is by using the phrase, “How to…” Those two words start off many existing blogs and they clearly illustrate that people love learning about any number of topics.

Another “evergreen” trick is to create a headline using the word “why…” – such as: “Five reasons why…” Again, this one word poses intriguing questions that your readers will love to hear the answers to.

It’s also worth thinking of your subheadings early on. This will allow you to structure your blog and make sure that its format is easy on the eye.

Share Your Expertise

Obviously, your headline will depend on your business and your expertise. If you’re an estate agent, for instance, you could create an evergreen blog called “How to buy your first property.” Or maybe a recruitment consultant could write “How to succeed in a job interview.”

You could argue that these subjects have been covered a million times already. But that shouldn’t stop you from lending your own unique professional perspective to such matters. And who knows, your own take on a topic could persuade customers to choose you over the competition.

Alternatively, you could ask our Warrington web design agency for help. We already provide content writing services to a wide range of businesses and they appreciate our ability to turn readers into customers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Write In-depth

Many blogs – including this one – are around 500 words long. But evergreen blogs can be longer – maybe around 1,500 words, or more. Why? Because they’re usually expert guides, aimed at beginners. In that context, people are hungry for knowledge, and they’re happy to read an in-depth piece.

Make It SEO Friendly

Naturally, you want people to find your blog easily on the internet. So that means optimising it and making sure that the right keywords are weaved into your writing. For instance, you might want to incorporate words like your profession and your location, such as “estate agent Warrington”, into your article.

But it’s important that you avoid “keyword stuffing”, which is overloading your blog with keywords. If you do this, your writing will be difficult or boring to read, and you may even be penalised by Google. Instead, your keywords should appear in the right context, and shouldn’t feel forced or awkward.

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