How Video Testimonials Can Help Drive Your Business

There is nothing more valuable than having a customer give positive feedback about your goods and services. St Helens Web Design has created Video testimonials also known as customer testimonials to drive sales. These have the potential of accelerating the growth of your business only if utilized properly.

There are a variety of reasons as to why they may not work. Most companies use customers’ feedback emails to post as testimonials in their website. They take this as an easy route but which can considerably fail. The customer feedback might not provide crucial information necessary to build trust.

Getting the right testimonials may be a daunting task. St Helens Web Design is creative in developing a testimonial about what the customer will say about your goods and services. It needs to be specific and that which will add value.

Focus on relationship management and developing of trust

Good testimonials will not only talk about how good the company is or deal with a general item or service but will give deeper details of the problem from a customer’s perspective in a way it connects with others. It will also be a chance to create awareness of the kind of products and services that your business offers.

A customer has an issue and after reading the testimonial is able to connect with you and his or her fears are addressed. It will evaluably lead to a long-lasting trust-based relationship which is the main aim of St Helens Web Design.

Create a comprehensive Testimonial Video

You can do this by having the customer in the video talking about how good your products and services are. It should be specific and be able to blend well with the customer in the most appropriate way. It can be enhanced by placing it within the contents of your sales pages to enhance visibility and St Helens Web Design will do exactly that.

You can place in the name of the business or individual that wrote the testimonial. You can go an extra mile and seek permission to display the image or company’s logo.

A video will offer a powerful experience like the one created by St Helens Web Design. It’s important for it to be more persuasive because an impartial customer will give a true reflection of your goods and services.

Your video should not have cartoons or animations but should have real people in it. This is so that they can connect with the mass audience who are your customers.

The video background should be at a location your clients can identify with. Prepare questions well in advance and be ready to answer queries regarding the testimonial. This will give an idea of what to expect. Those questions can be sent to the interview before playing the video. Give him or her ample time to give the answers.


A video testimonial is, therefore, a thirty party endorsement of your products and services. If well utilized they have the potential of driving sales and an overall increase in revenue.

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