How Motion Graphics And Videos Are Used In Web Design

In this blog, I will talk about all the ways that we use Motion Graphics and videos on websites. I will mention the types of video file that we use for each section and why we use them.

Videos on websites are becoming more and more popular with the era of static graphics being put behind us. Websites that look more alive are far more desirable than the bog-standard websites nowadays. Because of this, we have had to adapt to this and come up with a way of implementing video onto websites without ruining the speed of the site.

Loading Screen

For every one of our customers, as of recently, we have started to include a loading graphic as standard. These are usually the easiest to make, however, they can be the hardest to render. Depending on the site and what it needs, we could use a GIF which is easy, however, if the site requires a plugin then JavaScript has to be used and we need a JSON file, which isn’t hard for me to make but it becomes a pain for the designers to put on the site.

Slider Design

We have recently been using more and more videos on our sliders, for example, Cheshire Seals and some of our very own sliders have a video on them. These videos tend to be MP4 files and sometimes need handbraking to bring down the file size in order to retain loading speeds. I am also in the process of building my own website and I have used a video in the background! These types of videos are very good at catching the eye of your target audience and it has been proven that video keeps people on pages for longer than static graphics do.

Replacement Graphics

As I previously said, static graphics are fast becoming a thing of the past, therefore, we are in the process of replacing all of the images on our site with boomerang videos. We saw this example on a website and thought it was really effective and decided to tailor it more towards our branding. We also have started to add videos behind the site using the scroll function. For a while now we have had a picture behind the site that scrolls when you do, we now use videos as well upon client request. Again, these things are more effective, especially the replacement images as you can link them as well and try to redirect people to where you would like.


Here at Blue Whale Media, we are really trying to push our sites to look as stand out as possible, by using video our sites are looking more updated and professional as ever. I create most of the videos that we use on the sites and I know what people look for with eye-catching motion graphics and this is what helps our sites stand out from the rest of our competitors.

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