How Yoast Can Improve Your Website’s SEO

Yoast is the biggest name when it comes to SEO and WordPress plugins, with their software running on 9.5% of the top 1 million sites in the world. Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran on the WordPress platform, there is no doubt that Yoast has a lot to contribute to your site’s SEO and general usability. Although Yoast is best known for its incredibly successful WordPress plugin and SEO work, they are also one of the top online SEO training providers.

Below you’ll find a few of the advantages Yoast can give you and your website, from teaching you the technicalities of SEO to keeping you up to date with Google’s latest algorithm changes. 

Upgrade Your Website with the Yoast Plugin

The bread and butter of Yoast’s work, their Yoast SEO plugin is a comprehensive SEO optimisation tool for WordPress websites. Yoast SEO offers a free and premium version, with the free version already boasting an incredible suite of features to enhance your site’s SEO. With Google previews, readability checks and continuous biweekly updates alongside Google’s algorithm, the free Yoast plugin is an impressive and essential tool for any WordPress site.

Although the Yoast SEO Premium plugin costs £79 for one website (with compounding deals for if you’re purchasing the plugin for multiple sites), it comes with content insights, internal linking suggestions, a full year of 24/7 support and many more powerful enhancements for your website.

Become an SEO Superstar with Yoast Training

Just like Yoast offers a free version of their plugin, Yoast also believes in free SEO training for everyone, which is why they offer a completely free SEO course for beginners. From there, the rest of their courses are paid at various fairly competitive prices, and they provide a variety of in-depth SEO training courses specific to a variety of sectors.

While they have a Basic SEO Training course which covers the basics, Yoast offer SEO focussed courses on site structure, copywriting and technical SEO.

Meet the SEO Industry’s Top Experts at YoastCon

If Yoast didn’t already do enough, they also host one of the SEO industry’s biggest yearly conferences, YoastCon. A global gathering of the SEO industry’s top experts, YoastCon is a treasure trove of SEO seminars, talks and workshops, each one brimming with the latest SEO knowledge and experience. YoastCon is just as much an important event for budding new bloggers as it is for veterans, because it lets them ask specific questions about their own site and get direct feedback from world-class experts.

Most importantly, YoastCon is a fantastic opportunity to get to meet and connect with people within the SEO industry, all while learning from the very best around. This year’s YoastCon is happening in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on February 7th and 8th, 2019.

Wizards of All Things WordPress

Yoast has been known as the WordPress wizards for years now because of the meticulous attention to detail in their coverage of the platform’s updates and changes. Simply put, no company works with such a deep focus on optimising SEO for WordPress websites as Yoast does.

Yoast are known to be masters of the WordPress platform, which is why their plugins can be found on over 4 million websites. Not just makers of the ultra-popular Yoast SEO plugin, Yoast have a variety of other WordPress specific plugins focussed on Video SEO, Local SEO and other focused sections of the SEO sector.

Use Yoast to its Fullest for SEO Stardom

Along with this whole suite of training courses, plugins and conferences, Yoast have a huge amount of support resources and other information all across their website. Their blog follows the latest SEO, WordPress and Google happenings, constantly offering helpful blog posts for anyone managing or creating a website. Be sure to visit Yoast’s website and sign up for their free SEO for Beginners course if you’re interested in improving your SEO knowledge and your website’s Google ranking.

Here at Blue Whale Media, we’ve had great success with Yoast’s various WordPress plugins and training courses, and we highly recommend for anyone with an interest in SEO and website management to visit their website.

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