A Message from our Manchester Web Design Team about E-Commerce

Across the board, business in Manchester is booming and the Blue Whale web designers in Manchester know this because they’ve been getting a lot of enquiries lately about e-commerce web designs.

At Blue Whale Media, we build e-commerce websites for businesses in Manchester and across the UK, so the Manchester web design team have put together this nifty guide to the three kinds of e-commerce websites we build.


If you run a small business or are starting out as an online retailer then WooCommerce web design is ideal.

With this software, you can retail a catalogue of products and accept payments for them quickly on your web page, but you don’t need to sell specific products to benefit. WooCommerce can be incorporated to allow your clients to make service bookings for things like hotel rooms or dinner reservation, pay for subscriptions or memberships, make auction-style bids and purchase products directly from an external social media site like Facebook.

WooCommerce comes equipped with a user-friendly control panel so stock updates and listings are quick and easy to edit and manage.


This is more sophisticated software suited to businesses that retail a significant number of products online. With OpenCart, an almost limitless range of formatting features allows our Manchester web design team to create a completely unique website for you that comfortably handles thousands of products which can all be paid for with various payment methods.

Those products can be anything, from tangible items to downloads, and each one can be listed in a variety of currencies and languages, making it perfect for businesses that want to trade internationally. Once it’s set up, customers can review products, calculate accurate shipping costs, place and pay for orders with just a few clicks.


Big brands serious about E-commerce web designs use Magento. It’s the most technically advanced software that allows for full customisation and an unlimited number of products. Every detail can be modified to suit your specific business needs, from how your website looks, to how each component functions.

Magneto is completely scalable too, so as your business grows your website can quickly be adapted to meet increased demand seamlessly and with the Blue Whale responsive design service included in any e-commerce web design package, you can be sure that your customers can buy from you, at any time, from any device.

Each of these software packages is open source, meaning that our team of e-commerce web designers in Manchester can develop and program any website to your exact specifications.

More than a fifth of all British businesses now use e-commerce software and the sales it generates accounts for more than 20% of their annual turnovers, but it’s not just consumers who buy online, “51% of businesses made e-commerce purchases in 2013.” If you want to remain competitive and take a slice of that lucrative online market, then you need an e-commerce website.

To find out more simply contact the Manchester web design team and arrange to drop by for a coffee and a chat about your requirements.

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