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Do I Have Access to My Website after Using an Agency?

“Do I have access to my website?” This is one question that many of our clients ask when discussing their web design project. As a WordPress website design Cheshire agency, we gladly answer them in the affirmative.

Admin Access to Your WordPress Website

WordPress, or for that matter, any CMS website gives you admin access to your website.

After your website is launched, we will share the login credentials to your website’s admin panel. We will also provide basic training where you will learn how to access your WordPress website, how to make updates/changes and add new pages/posts to your website.

Using the credentials, you can login to the admin panel of your website. So the simplest answer to the question, “do I have access to my website after using an agency?” is an emphatic YES!

Not Every CMS Website is the Same

When you hire a website design Cheshire agency to build your website, there are some exclusive benefits that you won’t enjoy when you use DIY website builders.

For starters, the DIY website builder, be it Weebly, Wix or any other, hosts your website. This means that you cannot choose your host.

Why? That’s because website builders are proprietary content management systems! They retain complete access to your website. You cannot do much if you are not happy with the proprietary website.

However, when you hire a website design Cheshire agency, you can choose where you want to host your website. At Blue Whale Media, we exclusively build WordPress websites. WordPress is open-source software. You can install it, make changes to the software the way you like, and can host it anywhere.

You could either choose to host the site with your agency or migrate to any other hosting provider of your choice. This is a benefit you will not enjoy with DIY site builders.

Say after sometime, your website is performing well and impressed by the success, you decide to scale the website. You want to migrate your website and scale it up massively.

If you website has been built on DIY site builders such as Weebly or Wix, forget about migrating your website. This simply isn’t possible. However, if your website was built by a WordPress website design Cheshire agency, you can easily migrate the content, without a glitch. There’s no one to stop you. 

Parting Thoughts about Website Access – Advice From A Website Design Cheshire Agency

As we saw above, when a website design Cheshire agency builds your website, you can be sure of having full access to your website. You won’t just have admin logins, but you own the design, the coding (HTML/Javascript/CSS). This isn’t the case with a website built using DIY site builders.

So no matter which agency you hire, be sure to build your website on WordPress. Not only is WordPress easy to use, it’s open source and completely free. That’s a huge benefit especially if you are a small business owner.

Contact Blue Whale Media today to discuss your web design project. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

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