How Do I Add an Admin User in WordPress?

You’ve just hired the best website design Liverpool agency to build a smashing WordPress website for you. You can’t wait to manage the website, add content regularly to it and grow its visibility. However, at some point in time, you might require a professional’s help. Perhaps you want your website design Liverpool agency to maintain your website once every month. 

Perhaps you want to give your manager admin access so he can manage the backend of your online store. Or you simply might need multiple admin users, one each for each of co-owner of the business. No matter the reason, if you need to create an admin user, you can do so yourself. It’s easy. Here are the steps you need to take to add an admin user to your WordPress website.

Steps for Creating an Admin User in WordPress

  • From your WordPress Dashboard, click on Users > Add New
  • Now, enter a username for the account. Be sure to use a unique name such as ‘bluewhale51’.
  • Next, enter an email address. You could enter the email address of the person who will be using this admin user id. However, you could simply use any email – perhaps your own.
  • Set the Role field to ‘Administrator’.
  • Now make note of the password that WordPress generates for you so you can share it with the admin user.
  • Click on the ‘Add New User’ button.

And you’re done. If you’ve created the admin id for temporary use, be sure to delete it after the maintenance work is complete. Go to Users > All Users. Now, click on the ‘Delete’ button listed under the username of the account you want to delete.

Why You Should Not Use ‘admin’ as Username

WordPress now allows you to choose a custom username either at installation as well as when you are adding a new admin user. However, if you do not set a custom username, the default username will be “admin”. Many hackers know that many WordPress websites have “admin” as the user id. They may try to hack into your website using the default username. As for the password, if your password is not really unique and strong, they will use a password cracker to crack your password and gain access to your WordPress website in no time. If you use a custom username, it won’t be as easy a task to hack into your website. But if you choose to still use “admin” as the username, set a strong password.

Setting a Strong Password

Avoid using a traditional password, even those that suggest adding a numeral, and an uppercase character. Password cracking methods have matured significantly and very quickly. Here’s what you can do to set a strong password. Use a password manager. Create a passphrase instead of a password. Choose 4 random words, add spaces between the words if you’d like. But avoid predictable words and phrases.

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