What I have learnt in the last 2 years

Starting Blue Whale Media

Starting any new company is nerve racking. You don’t know anyone and you have to get to know all the new systems that you will be using a daily basis. Luckily I wasn’t thrown in at the deep end and I had time to get used to the basic programmes that I hadn’t used for a good few years. Throughout my first few weeks I was trained on the programmes that I would be using every day to save and restore information. It is also a related office so settling in and getting to know everyone is fairly easy.


Throughout the first few week and months at Blue Whale I was shown how to use all the programmes. A big programme we use is Dropbox. This is where we store all new builds and old build information. Dropbox allows you to upload and download information, share information with a client and organise files based on what information is going in. Although learning Dropbox was 2 years ago there are new programmes introduced frequently which myself and other staff members get trained on. These are normally introduced to make jobs easier within the company.


Before working at Blue Whale I wasn’t a very confident person and although I had worked on phones before I wouldn’t of classed myself as being confident on them. The first time I answered the phone at Blue Whale was daunting I didn’t know what to expect! As the months and years have passed I have grown a lot more confident in myself and on the phone I am first point of contact when the phone rings and also calling out. Knowing where to access client’s information whilst on the phone and what to look for really helps. If the phone rings and it isn’t anything I can help with I now know what to say to get the information to be able to pass a customer through to the correct person. Although all that helps it just comes with growing within a company and someone having the patience to sit and run through calls with you and show you how to use the phone i.e. putting a customer on hold and transferring the call. Blue Whale offer continued training so this was a fairly easy challenge to overcome.

Building a website

I had never had any training on a website. I didn’t even know how to log in to the back end of a website before joining Blue Whale. Working in a web design business knowing this mandatory! Since being at Blue Whale I have been trained on how to use a website and a little website design. I know now how to log in to the back end of a website and add any users that will be using the website. On a brochure style site I can now upload and amend any content and change around any images. On a ecommerce (shop) website I can upload all products from a spreadsheet that the client supplies this includes any variations they have and uploading all the images that link to that product.


Working in web design we have a lot of clients wanting different websites, social media, content etc. To keep on top of everything organisation is the key. All programmes need to be up to date so if another staff member is looking for any information they can find it easily. Daily I do a work rota with set times so I can keep on top of work. Work is then completed to timescales and I know were all our clients are up too.