How Do I Make a Google Advert for My Website?

Google advertising is a wonderful marketing strategy, especially for small businesses. You can reach out to people who’re searching for businesses like yours in your locality. Our Website Design Liverpool team believe this kind of targeted advertising is the reason why many small business owners want to put their ads on Google.

For best results, make sure your website is optimised for conversions. If you have an outdated website, hire a reliable website design Liverpool agency to build a professional website for you.

Once you have a stunning, conversion-ready website in place, you can begin to create your Google ads. Here’s a brief guide to making a Google advert for your website.

Set Your Budget

Begin by setting up your daily budget. Start with £10 a day. Of course you can decrease or increase your daily budget once you understand how much you’ll have to bid for each keyword.

Figure out what portion of clicks will eventually leads to sales. About 2% to 5% is an average conversion rate to expect for small business.

Now decide how much you want to spend for each sale.

Set Your Geographic Location

Google allows you to choose the geographical location you want to target for your ads. This is crucial for a local business because you can restrict your ad to particular localities and areas.

This way, you can be sure that your ad shows up only when people search for your keyword and are in a specific distance from your location. This goes a great deal in increasing conversions and saving your money.

Pick a Network

You can choose to show your ads on Google’s search results page (search network) exclusively or also on Google content websites (display network). We recommend that you stick with the search network for starters. This way, your ad reaches only those people who are looking for your kind of business.

Choose Your Keywords – Top Tips From A Website Design Liverpool Agency

It’s time to pick the keywords you want to target.

Make use of Google’s Keyword Planner tool to get keyword ideas and pick the ones that match your business. You may come across search phrases you may never have thought of.

Once you’ve selected your keywords, it’s time to choose how you want Google to match the search phrases to your keywords. There are 4 options, namely:

  • Exact match
  • Phrase match
  • Broad match
  • Broad match modifier
Set Your Bid

A bid is the amount you’re willing to pay for each click on your advert. You are up against other websites and care competing with them to show your ads on the search engine results pages (SERPs). If your competitor is willing to pay more for an ad, his ad will show up. So set your bid wisely.  

Write Your Ad

It’s time to write an effective ad. You will need 2 headlines and a description. Be sure to use keywords in your ads, use local identifiers, tell the user how your business is unique, clearly outline your offer, and have a clear CTA.

There you go. Follow those 6 steps to create your very first Google ad. If you need a high quality website, contact our website design Liverpool agency right away.

Written and published by Blue Whale Media.