Importance of LinkedIn Marketing for your business

Are you aware that LinkedIn has been around for quite some time now? Well, LinkedIn has proved that it is a powerful tool for any business. It is also useful for people looking forward to increasing their connections, boost their leads, brand promotion, and become market leaders. Notably, most companies, for instance, LinkedIn Marketing Warrington are not aware of the numerous benefits the LinkedIn strategy can offer to their brand or business expansion drives. Also, if you are in B2B business and without a LinkedIn marketing strategy, you could be missing on these benefits. Some digital marketing agencies have several solutions like content marketing, social media marketing, and LinkedIn marketing. There have been changes in the digital space, and this has helped businesses achieve their goals. LinkedIn marketing is essential for businesses and down here, we have the reasons why.</p.

LinkedIn marketing strategy is better than Facebook for B2Bs

The social media marketing industry report of 2015 paints a picture of LinkedIn being the popular choice for B2B companies when you compare to Facebook. Similarly, at least 21 % of all B2C marketers such as LinkedIn Marketing Warrington feel that LinkedIn is their best platform when you compare to at least 41% of B2B marketers. Therefore, we can conclude that these types of companies are prioritizing LinkedIn over Facebook when it comes to formulating their strategies.

Business owners now prefer LinkedIn over other social media platforms

When you look at the 2015 marketing report as presented by Salesforce, LinkedIn is the third most popular social network platform amongst business owners. The statistics reveal that approximately 62% of all business owners revealed that they use LinkedIn, while 22% may join the platform soon. Therefore, it is gaining popularity with marketers and B2B owners.

LinkedIn is suitable for lead generation

Studies reveal that web traffic generated through the use of LinkedIn referral system had the best and more customers leading to a high conversion rate when you compare to other networking sites, the numbers are higher when you compare to Facebook and Twitter. There is a positive outlook in the future, and LinkedIn will generate leads for B2B businesses.

Thought leadership needs LinkedIn

LinkedIn is suitable for the distribution of professional content, and currently, there is no other platform can do this. LinkedIn is the market leader for LinkedIn Marketing Warrington and the main advantage is that you get to join lots of groups, and you get to network with influencers and professionals in your industry. You can, therefore, take your place as a value in your industry.

LinkedIn helps boost face to face interactions

LinkedIn improves your presence online when you compare to other social media networks. Also, it is useful in nurturing your face to face interactions.

LinkedIn enhances your brand visibility

A highly optimized LinkedIn profile or your company’s page has the potential of improving your ranking on Google Search. The effect is increasing traffic to your site and enhancing your brand visibility. To rank high in google search, you can make of use of Keywords, have a duly filled profile, ensure you have links to websites, and use descriptive words.

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