Why your business website needs to be a responsive website design

Importance of web traffic for web designers 

Have you been trying to increase your website traffic? Using marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media will not do the whole deed. Despite all these elements, you need to work on your web design to see your web traffic grow. To see the best results, you should always contact the best website design companies in Manchester. 

Many businesses fail to realise that building a robust website will enhance their business’s ability in the market. Just as it is essential to have strategies before starting a business, it is also necessary to have web design strategies.

What is web traffic?

Website traffic refers to the number of times web users visit a website. The number of visits measures the calculation of web traffic. The data of visits will help analyse an online business’s performance and how much audience can it attract. The figure for visitors will also inspect the opportunities your brand can get and generate conversions. 

Why is web traffic significant?

Web traffic is essential because it becomes the deciding factor of your business. The basis of any online marketing is web traffic, as its the gateway to making money for your business. Having high website traffic means your business is known to millions, you have potential customers, and your brand gets recognition. 

Please remember that website traffic and conversion rates go hand in hand. If you want to generate conversion, you need to improve your web traffic quality, and for that, you have to begin with web design.

Why you need web design strategies to increase web traffic

It might be confusing to many regarding the need to have web design strategies, and due to that, things go wrong. When you start a business, it is pivotal to have different content to promote the business. But you also need to emphasise the platform on which you are going to display your products. And that is your website. 

Until and unless you have a complete functioning website, how will your products sell? Your website is where customers will come to view your products and other things you have to offer. If your website is weak, you will automatically lose customers. Therefore, working on designing your website is a must. 

We will now look into how web traffic and web design complement each other along with their functionalities.

How important is web traffic for web designers?

The above title itself speaks about the importance between web traffic and web designers. This topic is one of the significant structure that will build a foundation for your business and contribute to the monetary benefit you get. 

Designers should create a quality design, leading to high web traffic because of a good user experience while designing a website. Such a result in itself is complimentary and satisfactory for the designer. Here are other elements that will highlight the importance of web traffic for designers.

1. Mobile-Friendly

Designing a mobile-friendly website should be a priority. Most of the audience these days are browsing on mobile devices. According to a study, more than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices, indicating that it should be mobile-friendly. Having a non-mobile-friendly website will distance your website from all prospective customers. 

Another bonus point of designing a mobile-friendly website is that you will get higher rankings from search engines.

2. Easy-to-read Design 

While designing, keep in mind to compose an easy-to-read design for the website so that audiences will be comfortable while viewing the website. Since the website contains text content, the page layout format should be more accommodating. The page design needs to accommodate complimentary background, fonts, colour, and other elements like images to attract the audiences and create more traffic. Avoid placement of text content in negative spaces or too many hyperlinks, distracting the audiences. 

3. Website speed

Your website’s speed can determine how many audiences like to visit, and it is also a vital technical aspect of SEO. Studies have proved that a majority of mobile users will leave a website if it takes over 3 seconds to load. Keeping that in mind, designing a website with good page speed is necessary to boost your rank so that your website will be visible for more people to visit.

4. Navigation

Apart from easy-to-read design, another crucial element is easy-to-use navigation, which will help your visitors quickly find what they are looking for and increase conversion chances. Navigation will provide search engines with a guide to all your content and pages, and search engines will suggest it to the audiences. So if you design easy-to-use navigation, visitors will not get confused or leave the site.

5. URL structure 

Your website’s design should have a descriptive URL structure that provides details about your page’s content. The words break down should be in hyphens, and you may include some relevant keywords for better reach. Creating a strong URL structure will make search engines learn about your page, and visitors will easily remember it.

6. Gain trust

To keep more customers coming in, you need to gain their trust first. And how does that work? You work on the design of the website. Work on designing a website with a modern touch and elements of new-age and trendy. There is no doubt that if you create an old fashion, boring website, the visitors will be least impressed and won’t think of coming back. This type of situation will affect the business and create a wrong impression of how unorganized and uninterested you seem in providing quality services.


Always work towards bringing something new to the table. This kind of action will be a breath of fresh air for the visitors and will build curiosity and excitement, leading to more visitors showing up. Also, try to implement something different in the designs, making your website stand out from the rest. Consider following the above pointers while designing, and in no time, visitors will rush to the website. More visitors will create web traffic, and that means the business will gain monetary benefits and recognition.