Some of the best and most important browser extensions to help SEO

Important Browser Extensions For SEO

Choosing the best browser extensions can significantly make your SEO work easier and productive. It can help you analyze your website performance, build better links, and improve your task efficiency, among many others. Nonetheless, with so many options available, it can be challenging to select the best one. If you are wondering which browser extensions to use, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled some of the vital browser extensions for SEO. Continue reading to pick the one that meets your requirements from our list of browser extensions made for SEO in Liverpool.

SEO TextOptimizer

If you are dealing with content, then this extension will be the perfect option. It allows you to measure your website’s quality of texts based on how a search engine would assess it.

This browser extension will show you areas that need improvement or elimination so that search engines understand that your website’s texts are relevant for particular queries. It will also help you improve your content by suggesting a list of words. One of the best things about SEO TextOptimizer is that it does not require you to be an SEO expert.


Another popular browser extension is Mozbar. You can either use it for searching keywords in search engines or when landing on web pages. In both cases, it will display the overall statistics. Another essential attribute is that it allows you to see the scores of domain authority and page authority to assess the competition.

Besides, it lets you see other pages such as alt text, markup, and Meta text, among many others. However, you will require a PRO account if you want to have full access to this information.

Check My Links

This browser extension will come in handy if you are dealing with broken link building. You have to click on the extension icon to check whether the links are working. It is also easy to distinguish between working links and broken links. It highlights working links in green color, while the broken links in red color along with error code.

The only drawback of this browser extension is that it does not have a shortcut to anchor text of the broken links or copy the URLs.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

This browser extension will show not only the overall domain statistics but also link and social information of a particular URL. With this browser extension, you can find necessary information such as domain and URL ratings, backlinks, and referring domains. However, by making a subscription with Ahrefs, you can have deeper access to this information.

Additionally, you can use this browser extension when searching for something on search engines.

SEO Quake

This browser extension is quite basic when compared to other extensions. But it has all the essential features to make SEO’s process more manageable. You can use it with all major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Besides, you use it when dealing with the search engine result pages.

One of the essential features of this browser extension is that it can save the data and results of the search engine result page as a CSV file.

User-Agent Switcher

Users will be visiting your website using different devices, software, and operating systems. As such, visitors can experience difficulties in seeing your website content. If you are an SEO enthusiast, you will check for these abnormalities once in a while. However, investigating this issue is not as easy as you might think. It would be unreality for an individual to have different types of tablets, laptops, or phones. It is where this browser extension comes in handy.

Page Load Time

Having a website that can load fast is critical, not only for marketing purposes but also for search engine rankings. Surveys have shown that users tend to spend less time on those pages that take time to load. If you are experiencing this complication, then you should consider this browser extension.

With this extension, you can quickly know the loading duration to a page in your browser. It is also effortless to use. Additionally, you can identify what causes such complications and take measures to solve them.


If you want to have a successful SEO campaign, you must stay updated with the latest strategy. It means you need to read a significant amount of content regularly.

This browser extension lets you save videos, images, and articles if you do not have the time to read or watch them instantly. The best thing about this browser extension is that you can use it with any devices or operating systems.

Another essential component of SEO comes in the form of building links. If you are dealing with links, then you should consider this extension. You can shorten URLs without any difficulties with the help of this extension. It will also allow you to track statistics such as how much clicks a link has got.

You have to click on the extension icon to shorten the URL. Besides, you can share it on your social profiles straightforwardly from the pop-up.


This browser extension is another worth considering for people who have a significant amount of accounts to handle on different websites. With this extension, you do not have to worry about securing your users’ names, passwords, or having a messy collection of data.

When you visit any website, it will allow you to save notes, names, and passwords of your users. All you have to remember is your LastPass account password. The best part is you can access the data from any device or computer.


To sum up, having the right browser extension can tremendously make your SEO process more accessible. However, it can be overwhelming to decide the best ones, especially if you do not have prior experience in this aspect. But the good thing is we have already listed some of the useful extensions that can make your life easier.

Nonetheless, you should note that your browser will become significantly slow when you download several extensions. As such, it is crucial to choose only those that meet your needs and requirements. The points listed above are some useful browser extensions available and are by no means exhaustive.