Important Google Analytics Metrics

Analysing your marketing campaigns for useful insights and results is one of the most important aspects of marketing. After all, how can you determine if the campaign is successful, or if you reached your goals? In this blog, we’ll cover just some of the most important insights you can gain from your marketing campaign with Google Analytics.


Segmenting your audience is great for marketing. It ensures you are reaching the people you truly want to reach, resulting in a far higher return on investment. Google Analytics allows users to create custom segments for their business, such as age, gender, location and even lifestyle and interests. This allows you to see which specific segment is engaging most with your marketing and are more interested in your services/products. It will also give you better insight into future marketing campaigns, allowing you to target segments based on results from previous campaigns.


It is important to know which devices your customers are using for online engagement with your business. Of course, your website should already be optimised to account for mobile devices. However, this allows you to view your website performance for different devices. Is the bounce rate higher for mobile devices? Are more conversions completed on mobile or desktop? These metrics can be used to make decisions on website development, such as changing the mobile version of the website or improving the user experience.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of a website is one of the most important metrics to measure your website performance. Bounce rate is the percentage of users who enter your website and leave without going onto another webpage beyond the landing page. If you have a high bounce rate, there is evidently something wrong with the landing page. This could be a lack of engaging content, no clear call to actions or the performance of the website in general, such as slow to load. However, there isn’t much of an indication for what is a high bounce rate as this is different for different businesses and industries. Some industries can have a bounce rate of 70% and nothing would be out of the ordinary!


Conversions are a top metric to keep your eye on, especially for eCommerce websites. A conversion is simply when a user takes a desired action on your website, such as signing up for a mailing list or buying a product. This can show how effective your call to actions are and are the biggest factor for determining success in most marketing campaigns. A high conversion rate means your call to actions are effective and users are clearly interested in what you are offering – this can also show you are effectively targeting the right segment.

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