Simple Tips to Improve Your PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is a great way to get your website, services and products in front of your target audience. A well-thought-out campaign can generate qualified leads and increase revenue. However, a poorly built campaign will simply drain your budget and leave you without any positive return on investment. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top, yet simple, tips to improve your PPC marketing campaign.


Relevancy is key for PPC ads and includes three main points: the keywords, the ad text and the landing page. Make sure your ad text is relevant to the keywords you have chosen and ties in with the landing page. For example, an advert for an iPhone X should contain “iPhone X” in the ad text and send customers directly to the product, instead of to a general page for all types of phones. This improves your quality score as well as customer experience.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are used to ensure your advert doesn’t show up for search terms you deem irrelevant. For example, an advert for reading glasses doesn’t want to show up for searches such as “whisky glasses”, hence “whisky” would be a negative keyword. This ensures your ad remains relevant and only shows to customers you actually want to click on your ad. It also helps to keep your PPC budget being wasted by people you aren’t even targeting.

Ad Extensions

Using PPC ad extensions is an easy win-win situation. Using extensions increases your ad quality score and makes your ad more visible since there’s more content. It’s also a chance to give users more information before clicking on your ad, and even more options. For example, sitelink extensions allow users to instantly get to a specific page of your website, which can be a product or service page. This is a perfect extension, as today customers not only want but also expect relevant information at their fingertips in an instant. Making users go through multiple pages to reach their requested content simply dampers user experience and they can end up leaving the website instead.


There are multiple ways to target people with PPC ads. A simple one every marketer should be utilising is location targeting. You can target a country, a city, a postcode or even a radius around a location. This is perfect for small or medium businesses who don’t have quite the same outreach as large corporations do and are simply limited to supplying services/products to local people. There are more advanced targeting options such as lifestyle and interests. This allows businesses to advertise to people who have already expressed interest in their products/services or are more specifically in line with their target audience.

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