How to Improve Trustworthiness of Your eCommerce Site?

Your web design Warrington team has just done a wonderful job setting up your business website. But you need to keep checking if your eCommerce site is proving to be trustworthy enough. How long do the visitors stay on your website? Are your customers keen to do business with you? Here are some tips to improve the trustworthiness of your eCommerce site.


Get Your Website to Speak For You

You have taken great efforts to build your e-commerce website. But your website’s visitors may not be ready to buy from your website yet. You could now get your web design Warrington team to help establish trust with. The best way to establish trust is by including all relevant information about you. You could include details such as total number of orders shipped, the number of customers you have served till date and ratings and reviews from customers. Tell your visitors if you are a verified retailer or supplier; include words such as ‘trusted since’ and mention the number of years you have been in business. You can also showcase news stories and reports about your business.

Details, Details, Details

Get your web design Warrington team to include important information about your business.

You must use good imagery to highlight your products and services. A good web design Warrington team can help you with photo shoots, editing as well as placing them strategically on your website. Add photos of your employees and important members of the staff. This conveys to the visitors that you are real and helps establish trust. Giving visitors information about you and your company is a good move. If you are a member of any business bureau or organisation, make sure you list that on your website. Add testimonials, ratings, reviews and important product information to add to the authenticity of your website. It is very important to mention your contact details, address, phone numbers and any other information that your customers may need to do business with you.

Seal the Deal With A Web Design Warrington Agency

When the customers come to the part where they add products to the cart, you need to make sure your website is capable of completing the transactions. From mentioning the number of orders, the shipping facility, the payment facility, the delivery date to security options, your web design Warrington team can put everything in place to help your customers trust your business website completely. Contact Blue Whale Media today for a professional eCommerce website. Call 01925 552 050 now to set up a free consultation.

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