Improve your website user experience with professional micro-interactions

Improve User Experience with Micro-Interactions

Firstly, what are micro-interactions? This is where design meets user experience to create small but meaningful interactions between the website and the user. Micro-interactions, when well designed, can immensely enrich the user experience with design. Its main aim is to develop small moments of interaction to engage users. In this blog, we will highlight how the best web designers in Wigan manage to improve user experience with micro-interactions.

Importance of Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions play a vital role in making the user understand the system better. The pros of MI:

  • Guides users through the product.
  • Gives feedback, both bad and good
  • Shows the status of the system
  • Shows result

Micro-Interactions Model

A success micro interaction consists of four main points:

  • The trigger
  • Interaction rules
  • Interaction feedback
  • Modes and loops

Impact On User Experience

Below are some examples of micro-interactions which reflect heavy on the user experience on a website:


It makes MI easier and better. It enhances the design and adds fun and exciting segments that make the process simpler. To provide a pleasant experience for users, use interactive animations to notify changes, or send animations displaying details about the notification.

Animated Buttons

It plays a vital role in the info manager. It shows the user their way through your site or app. Animation buttons can help make a user’s time spent on the site more fun by adding texture, special effects, contrast colors, and animations.


It is an action, which removes tapping, and makes interactions smooth and more fun. It helps the user quickly switch between acquiring more information about the product and tabs. Users can land t a new view without tapping.

Interesting Tutorials 

MI helps app tutorials. It guides users to understand an app by highlighting and simplifying the essential controls and basic features.

Data Input

Making an account and setting up a password is annoying. You can add proactive suggestions on password strength and usage, which will help users proceed. Interactive interactions with the users during the data input process will keep users engaged and help them accomplish the goal.

System Status

It is vital to inform users about the current status happenings on the app or site. Useful micro-interactions can help users know how long it will take the process to complete and exactly what is going on. Even Failure messages can be funny yet useful to retain the trust of the user.

Call to Action

It puts a feeling of empathy factor and achievement in user behavior. The best way to make users interact with CTA is to engage in persuading the user’s interest.

How to design micro-interactions

It can make the work of designers inspiring. They can experiment with new looks and design solutions to make the user’s time spent on the site more exciting. Few points to keep in mind when trying to make useful micro-interactions:

  • Create functional animations
  • Animations should be short and precise.
  • Use non-technical and human language.
  • Have fun and entertain users
  • Keep the user engaged.


To create the perfect micro-interactions is not possible. However, the steps we have given above will help the user experience be more fun and engaging. While creating an app, keep yourself in the user’s shoes for better results. This way, you will be able to understand their needs and wants.