How to increase eCommerce sales with successful email marketing

How To Increase eCommerce Sales With Email Marketing

We understand your desire to stand out from the competitors, which is why you have landed here; welcome. Everyone wants to boost revenue through sales, and we are here to guide you with some great methods to increase your eCommerce sales using email marketing.

Welcome emails

A welcome email for a new subscriber could seal the deal for a long-term bond. It is found that welcome emails have an opening rate of 86% higher than other emails; this is the right time to strike with a proper promotion of your brand. This process can be automated by an Email Marketing Service provider (ESP). We recommend  Constant Contact, which is user friendly for beginners and can handle various tasks for you.

Personalised emails for a different audience

Every generation has different taste and likes. Content liked by a specific audience may be boring for the other. We, therefore, advise segmenting the mailing list according to age, gender, income and education etc. and send personalised emails for better response and results. It has been a great strategy to increase sales as you can create contents and reach the right audience.

Offers, discounts and promotional sales

Offers and discounts have always been a successful strategy to lure customers into any marketing. Promotional sales have certainly increased sales and have popularised unknown names and brands as well. Incorporating discounts for regular customers and creating clubs for loyal customers or loyalty points will keep the subscribers engaged and generate income.

Interactive and appealing Design

An email must have an attractive look to generate interest among the potential subscribers who may eventually become loyal customers. From the first marketing email to the welcome email and promotional emails, the first thing to get the reader hooked on is the display and the content that we present. It is unnecessary to have images, video clips or GIFs, but being colourfully appealing and short, specific and easy to understand content might do the trick.

Testing and research

Without Testing and research, it will be challenging to determine precisely how successful was the marketing campaign. It also helps us in reformulating our strategy or changing the content of the emails etc. Email split testing is also a way to send two different kinds of emails and find out which has been more effective. It is possible on Constant Contact by testing the Email’s Subject Line statistics with the click of a button.

Clients Review and Questionnaires

A very crucial indicator of customer satisfaction for any sales is the feedback of the customer. Reaching out to the clients asking for reviews or a survey could help us formulate our strategy or change a few outlooks and content, which can be more effective. With massive competition in email marketing, this feedback could have a significant impact on increasing eCommerce sales. 

There is still a vast population, especially the business community using email as the primary method of communication. With the proper strategy, email marketing could not only promote but also increase sales around the globe. The few points mentioned above have proven successful and, if appropriately implemented, will substantially increase your eCommerce sales.