How to Increase Your Traffic with Content Writing

At Blue Whale Media, we consider content to be king. But what does that really mean? When writing content for your site, there are some basic rules you should follow in order to maximise the amount of organic traffic you receive from your site. It’s easy to fall into the same routines with your writing, but the truth is that if your content lacks the essential guidelines, then the performance of your site is going to struggle.

Just changing a few aspects of your content writing style is enough to generate a genuine positive response from your audience and will earn you the relevant audience traffic that you desire. If you’re struggling to generate a natural following through your writing, then these tips are for you!

Direct Your Tone

More often than not, the tone of your writing will be a contributing factor to the overall traffic (or lack thereof). It’s important to take the time to truly tap into your audience and understand what will entice them into reading your blog or site. That means understanding the relevant tone that will convince them that you are talking to them.

Your tone comes under a broader umbrella of audience profiling that you need to understand before writing to accommodate them. For example, if you’re writing for an older audience, your tone will differ to that of a younger audience. Tone can be conveyed through descriptive words, allowing you to describe to your audience whatever you need in order to catch their attention and interest.

Visualise Your Audience

Again, your audience will influence what it is you write and will be the deciding factor of the tone and content of what you write. Understanding your audience is the first stepping stone to creating influential and engaging content that your audience will resonate with.

One way to help you with this step is to visualise your audience as one singular person. What content will that person like? What do they like to do? Where do they work? What are their primary interests? These are the sort of questions you need to be asking yourself in order to address your audience.

Integrate Feedback

Another way to improve your content is by integrating any feedback that you receive from readers into your page or blogs. This will ensure you are addressing the issues that they’ve found within your content and will, therefore, make it easier to read for the audience.

You can also encourage regular feedback from your readers or customers regarding your content, allowing yourself to apply the notes to your written content in accordance with their tips.

Take Care with Your Grammar

One other instance that might deter your audience from reading your content is a lack of grammar or punctuation within your writing. Any content with bad grammar and spelling isn’t going to be as engaging as one with impeccable grammar.

With that in mind, you can use the likes of online spell checkers like Grammarly, or even the use of word checker on your software will assist you with fewer mistakes throughout your piece.

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