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Inject Some energy into Your Sport/fitness Business with a New Website

In the sport/ fitness industry, having an effective website can often be the determining factor in your business’ success.

You need an online resource where users of your service and potential users can learn about the various classes, lessons or products you have on offer.

The website needs to be visually engaging to the point it compels users to get up and join your class, club or business.

To attract new customers or users of your service, you need to plan and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.  The first step in any digital marketing strategy is a well built, responsive and engaging website that can display your services online and gain users of your service.

A Web Design Agency in Warrington That Can Help

Blue Whale Media is a web design agency based in Warrington that has been helping members of the sports and fitness industry, as well as members of several different business sectors market their businesses online.

We build websites that are visually engaging, highly functional and cost effective and would like to share with you four websites for clients from the sports and fitness industry.

Krav Maga Warrington

Krav Maga Warrington came to Blue whale Media in need of a website to market their classes in Krav Maga.

As Krav Maga is a martial art, they needed a dynamic and engaging website sure to get users out of their seat and ready to join up. The web designers and graphic design team set out designing a website that excites and intrigues, including custom graphics and logos.

The website needed to function equally well and so pages such as a classes guide, a media section, a locations page and an FAQ section were included.

A contact us page with an easy to fill out contact form allows users to get in touch with the school quickly, so enquiries about classes are a breeze for both customers and Krav Maga Warrington.

Nutrition Technician

The Nutrition Technician is a service that helps people manage their nutrition through meal plans, nutrition guides and recipes.

As healthy living is at the core of everything the Nutrition Technician stands for, it needed to be incorporated into the foundations of the website. The website’s aesthetic was designed by the web design and graphic teams at Blue whale.

They created a clean, simple feel for the website with a limited colour palate consisting of mainly white and green with a focus on professional imagery.

Included on the website are several useful pages such as a services and prices page, recipes and latest news so customers can keep up to date with the Nutrition Technician easily.

T50 Gymnastics

T50 Gymnastics is a unique business, they offer gymnastic lessons and gymnastic parties for children and needed a website to showcase their one of a kind service.

The website needed to look great to spark the interest of any children or parents enquiring about the lessons and also be full of information relating to classes, parties and every other aspect of the business.

The graphic design team created bespoke graphics and a logo for the service, which has helped create a brand image for the company.

The website has the organisation’s social media accounts integrated as well as a blog section so that those interested in the service can easily keep up to date with what’s happening on T50’s end.

Phoenix Sports Education

Phoenix Sports Education is a Warrington based provider of sports, education and training programmes related to business.

They needed a website to display the various programmes they have on offer and attract new users for their classes.

The design for the website is based around the union jack, an icon of sporting excellence and includes several different professional images of classes, instructors and facilities. These images can be found on the pages or in a dedicated gallery section.

An easy to fill out contact form as well as full social media integration allows those wishing to enquire about the service to do so with complete ease.

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