Benefits of the Inspire 2 Drone

When DJI Created the Inspire 1, it was described as a revelation. This was the first film making drone in the world to have HD video transmission, 360 degrees rotating with a 4k camera attached. This drone was also controlled by the simplicity of an app. The Inspire 2 takes everything good about the Inspire 1 and enhances it. It hits a maximum speed of 58mph travelling from 0 to 50 mph in just 5 seconds. Dual LiPo batteries allow the Inspire 2 reach maximum flight times of 27 minutes which are also built in with self-heating to allow it to fly in low temperatures.

Sensory and avoidance systems

The Inspire 2 is fully equipped with sensory and avoidance systems making it incredibly safe whilst airborne. It has forward and downward visionary systems allowing it to detect obstacles up to 30 metres ahead. Upward face infrared sensors can detect obstacles 5 meters from above adding increased protection when flying in enclosed spaces. Obstacle sensing is also enabled during all flight modes and the Return to home function. This makes it virtually impossible to crash into any obstacles making it one of the safest drones on the market.

Flight Performance

As already mentioned the Inspire 2 can hit top speeds up too 58mph with a descent of 9m/s and an ascent of 6m/s. It also flies at a max altitude of 40 degrees giving it propulsion of 0 to 50mph in just 5 sends. The increased power also allows the Inspire 2 to fly in more extreme conditions allowing it to fly in temperatures as low as -20 degrees by using self-healing intelligent flight batteries.

Intelligent flight modes

Like all DJI drones, they are all equipped with intelligent flight modes making more complex shots simple and repeatable. These intelligent flight modes consist of waypoint mode which marks scheduled waypoints by the controller which the drone follows the exact path. Point of interest is a flight mode which flies perfect circles around a desired point or reference. Active track is a very intelligent flight mode which tracks a specific subject without any use of the controller. All these different flight modes still have obstacle avoidance making them safe to use.

Increased Reliability

With the new advances in technology made to the Inspire 2, the intelligent flight control system monitors a redundancy system giving it more accurate flight data during flights and post flights. Dual Batteries allow the inspire 2 to fly even when a problem occurs with one of the batteries. The propulsion system has been tested for thousands of hours increasing the reliability of the Inspire 2

Why we bought the Inspire 2 drone

Here at Blue Whale Media, we bought the Inspire 2 drone for all the reasons above. It is perfect for commercial videos as it is solely made for filming professional high-end drone videography. This drone is at the forefront of meeting the needs of professional filmmakers and enterprises around the world.

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