Be Inspired By These Top Brands On Social Media

When it comes to marketing on social media it can become tricky when it comes to remembering all off the guidelines of the different social platforms. However, there are multiple companies that are already doing extremely well on social media that you can get inspired from.


This sportswear brand is a great example to look at when it comes to getting inspiration for social media. They have a good

digital for social media. They have a good digital marketing strategy and uses multiple different platforms to help them sell their products but don’t post the same content on all platforms. They do well when by posting regularly and link to their blogs with athletes, fitness tips and more.

The Reebok Instagram uses a lot of colour and fitness photography. The Facebook page shows off their latest Reebok shoe. They also use YouTube to post some entertaining content showcasing their products and the one social platform that Reebok does well is LinkedIn.

Reebok Youtube


StubHub uses Pinterest really well even though it must have been difficult when it comes to actually create the account because they sell tickets. They have created a board for every type of event they sell tickets for and the pins range from interviews with performers to photos of athletes. Even tho they have a diverse following they cater for all of their viewers.

When working with Pinterest and you don’t really fit into the bracket of what most people are looking for on Pinterest. You may be required to think out of the box and really think about what your customers want to see content-wise.


As Instagram has been developing over the years, it has new features that make it easier for marketing. With its new shopping feature, it is much easier to show off your products with them linking to your website making it better for them to buy your products.

With Instagram, you have to create attractive images of your products tag your product which then has the products name, price and details with a link to your website. 60% of users on Instagram fine new brands, meaning your business must take advantage of.

Blue Whale Media

With our social media, we want to portray our values of the company and that we always have the customer in mind. We post content of our new websites, projects, trends and office life. We mainly think about how we are portraying our brand only so it is recognisable to our clients and future customers. We also post regular podcast about certain topics that can help you as a business improve your marketing.

The social platforms we use is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Pinterest. We want to be able to connect with as many people as possible and we don’t post for the sake of it. We post content that is relevant to us as a brand and to our customers. However, you have to think about who our target market is and what platforms they are using to be able to reach them through social media.

Blue Whale Media