Some of the most inspiring women working in design

It was reported by the Design Council in 2018 that 78% of the design economy is made up of males. This figure is actually higher than the overall UK workforce percentage of 53%, and surprisingly contradicts the overall 63% of women that study design and creative arts at university level. Our team have put together a list of some of the most celebrated and innovative women in their fields.

Paula Scher

This multi-talented, contemporary partner at New York’s Pentagram office began her glittering career by designing album covers for industry giants Atlantic and CBS Records. Scher was the genius behind the iconic and memorable cover of Boston’s self-titled album. Quickly gaining recognition and praise for her work, it wasn’t long before Scher received Grammy nominations.

Paula Scher is known for her signature style that incorporates elements of Art Deco, Russian constructivism and outmoded, typography. She is a versatile artist, a skill that has seen her work with huge brands, including Coca Cola and Microsoft. She is a champion of artists pushing themselves to step out of their comfort zones and always strive to learn new skills.

Mina Markham

Mina Markham’s name gained the spotlight after her incredible work on helping to design Hillary Clinton’s online presence and the Pantsuit site that funded much of Clinton’s campaign. Markham created a variety of star and supporting sites that helped to elevate Clinton’s campaign and showed fellow politicians the possibilities that were open to them by investing in a well crafted, online image.

Since finishing her work on the campaign, Mina Markham has been included in projects such as Girls Develop it and Black Girls Code. Her goal is to lend support and encouragement to young girls working in her sector, as she feels she lacked this in her own life and career.

Debbie Millman

Perhaps best known as the founder and host of the popular podcast Design Matters, Debbie Millman is also a talented and celebrated artist, writer, educator and designer. In 2009, with the help of Steven Heller, Millman founded a world first graduate programme in branding at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in NYC. In her professional career, she has worked with huge brands, ranging from fast food giant Burger King to icons like Pepsi and Star Wars.

It seems like Millman is still making her stamp on the world, as her illustrations have been seen in the likes of The New York Times and New York Magazine.

A true icon in her field, designers around the world wait to see what Debbie Millman does next.


Of course, these women have shattered the proverbial glass ceiling with their exceptional work in their sectors. Not only have they led the way forward in design, but they all pave the way for the women coming next. Investing in educational programmes and courses, these women really are creating the future.

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