New Features: Following Instagram Hashtags

Instagram has recently updated its platform and introduced a plethora of new features for its users. One of these updates gives users the ability to follow hashtags as well as users. Although at first, it may not seem like much of a change, the marketing implications of this update are huge. In this blog, we will discuss the new features of the Instagram hashtag and how you can utilise the change to suit your brand’s online development.

What is the Instagram hashtag update?

Traditionally, users can follow other users on Instagram. This meant that your feed was completely personalized and you saw only the content of users that you had committed to follow. However, with this newer platform update, users can now follow a hashtag. This means that Instagram now displays content related to the hashtag in the discover page of their app.

It may not seem like much of a change, as users could previously search through hashtags. However, now, if they commit to following a hashtag, as well as the content appearing on the discover page, it will also appear on their personal feeds. The Instagram algorithm will collect data surrounding the content that you are interacting with and use it to recommend new users and new content to you. Users can also see the Instagram Stories that are tagged with the hashtag. These will appear alongside the stories of the accounts that you are already following.

Why is this update helpful to my business marketing strategy?

This update is a positive change to Instagram as it helps users to discover new content and new accounts in an organic way. The update makes it easier for users to browse through content that is relevant and compelling to them. Ease of access makes users more likely to browse through more content and gives your business a higher chance of gaining more followers and customers.

Although the content is managed via the hashtag, the Instagram algorithm filters through and promotes the most relevant most interacted with content to the top of the page. Any worries that brands may have about profiles flooding the hashtag with anything irrelevant or unrelated will be filtered out for thin and spammy content.

This update allows brands to capitalize more on trending subjects in real time and as it allows customers to find you, it will help your business to easily find customers and competitors. Brands will also be alerted by Instagram if their content is included in any stories highlights, so it’s easy to keep track of the reach you have.


The new update to Instagram hashtags can be beneficial to your brand if utilised correctly. To ensure that your brand capitalizes on the changes, you must ensure that the content you provide your followers in relevant, valuable and authentic. Anything less that that will cost your brand dearly. Invest time researching what your target demographic is looking for in a brand and cater your content to fit into that niche. With time and analysis, your business will benefit from an increase in user interaction and ROI.

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