Intuitive Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Black Friday Sales

Intuitive Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is just a few weeks away. And the deals are already popping up on several social media platforms. One strategy that every online retailer use to advertise their products is Instagram Stories. If you’re not aware of this, do not worry. This Black Friday, you too can grab the attention of shoppers via a short Instagram Story. At Blue Whale Media, our marketing team are here to help you with that.

Why choose Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are simple to create, attractive and are ready to be viewed in a flash. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise your services. About 30% of viewed stories on Instagram are business-related. Once you post a story, it will show up at the top of the feeds. This makes it easy for users to access the stories and thus attract them. What’s more, these stories won’t spam the user’s feed because they stay for only 24 hours.

How can you come up with the best Instagram story ideas?

You can make Instagram stories your own and personalize them any way you want. Herein lies the advantage. It’s time to let your creativity flow. But we’re also here to help you along.

1. Redirect users using the swipe-up option

Some online sellers will feature a “See More” swipe-up option. Yes, you have seen it on many of your stories, usually under the “Sponsored” section. This feature redirects users to the landing page or the source of the ad, in this case, your online store or webpage. This is a super-easy way to garner traffic and even attract a lot of customers.

2. Use business stickers

You can also place business stickers on the story with a description of what you are offering plus the price and the discount offer. This way, users can select what they want without leaving the app. You can paste these stickers anywhere and make them available for your customers. But do not add every single detail on these tags. You want to add things that will grab their attention, like colour choices or unique coupon codes, etc.

3. Create engaging stories

While creating Instagram stories, you have the freedom to be creative. For instance, you can post a picture with multiple products and add a selection meter to engage the audience. You want to make them choose between different products, what item describes them most, and so on. Therefore, instead of just pasting a simple picture, you can enhance it using stickers, questions, poll meters, etc.

Another fun way to level up your game is by adding a countdown clock leading to the Black Friday sale. Almost every time, those users can convert to customers. It depends on how well you craft your stories and project your creativity flow through your stories.

Final thoughts

It’s time to brainstorm your ideas and start sharing your crafts with the world; your Instagram stories are a perfect way to do this. Who knew a photo-sharing app would become one of the best platforms for advertising and marketing?