What to look for when investing in Drone Footage Warrington?

In recent years, the demand for professional Drone Footage Warrington has been steadily on the rise. Drone footage and their applications in business has allowed brands to add an extra dimension to their websites and advertising. Businesses from a wide variety of industries have utilised the unique draw that professional drone footage has and have capitalised on the benefits that aerial photography offers.

But, you may be asking yourself, what should I look for when investing in professional drone footage? Our team at Blue Whale Media has listed what to look out for below!

What is the price of your Drone Footage Warrington?

Unfortunately, professionally produced drone photography is seldom cheap. To receive high-quality footage that is guaranteed to help your business flourish and thrive, you must be willing to pay for it. That’s not to say that you should be paying a ridiculous fee. Nor should you seek the cheapest service you can find. Professional and effective Drone Footage Warrington will be affordable and effective. Our team at Blue Whale Media work alongside your business to create a storyboard and agreed upon collection of shots to keep the cost of your project down.

Look for Drone Footage Warrington that is HD and high-quality

Drone and aerial photography has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years and the quality of camera and footage that drones can capture has evolved. Many drones are capable of capturing 4K footage from above and a professional team can edit that footage into a promotional video for your business. At Blue Whale Media, our Drone Footage Warrington team utilise our exceptional drones to create a collection of stunning, high-quality shots to help showcase your brand.

Invest in a commercial team to capture your Drone Footage Warrington

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for a commercial drone operator to have a CAA approved license and PfCO in place before offering their services. When you are looking to invest in a  company to help you to create your promotional drone video it is important to ensure that you are choosing a team that is licenced and operates within legal parameters. A qualified and experienced Drone Footage Warrington team will be able to provide proof of training upon request.

Save time and money with and expert Drone Footage Warrington team

The only way to capture aerial footage in the past was to hire a helicopter, a crew and expensive  equipment that could keep up with demands at the higher altitude and speed. Now, with effective and highly advanced drone photography, Drone Footage Warrington teams can offer beautiful drone footage at a fraction of the previous costs. Teams are also able to provide this footage quickly and efficiently.


Drone Footage Warrington teams can provide companies with exceptional service and guidance surrounding drone footage. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified drone footage team to help you create a stunning and unique video package for your business, please follow the link below: