How iPhone 7 Can Transform Your Small Business

The much-awaited Apple’s iPhone 7 is here and the website design Warrington team are excited for whats to come! The product was launched on September 7, 2016. With all the iPhone 7 frenzy surrounding you, it can be easy to overlook some of the powerful benefits of the smartphone for a small business such as yours.

You can use the iPhone 7 to increase your audience base, achieve greater reach to your customers, and create opportunities to engage with them.

With the iPhone 7 opening gateways to different brand-oriented opportunities, it benefits to have a professional web design company on board to help you identify and utilise such opportunities optimally.

Here are some ways you could use the smartphone for your business success:

Broaden your Audience Base

With its new improved features, iPhone 7 has already garnered huge attention. Pre-orders for the smartphone are underway, and are set to continue till official sales start on September 16.

With its own loyal following, iPhone 7 gives you access to its community. With a responsive design for your business website, you can optimise your content for display on iPhone 7. You could even consider having a new mobile website for a superior user experience on the gadget.

Well-executed mobile-optimised web design or a mobile website can give your small business a competitive edge with increased brand visibility and conversions. It is therefore crucial to choose a professional and well-experienced web design Warrington company for the purpose.

Improve Brand Connect with Rich Visual Content From A Website Design Warrington Agency

iPhone 7 features improved display features. The screen brightness is 25% more than Apple’s last model, according to the company. The gadget is capable of conveying a wide range of colours, and allows for better colour management.

The screen size and resolution of the iPhone 7 are designed to deliver rich picture quality. The 40% faster processor enables uninterrupted video viewing.

Include rich engaging images, custom graphics and videos for your iPhone 7 audiences. All provided by the website design warrington team here at Blue Whale Media. Share rich images of your product, or a high quality video demonstrating your product. You could also include behind-the-scenes employee images and videos of a day at your office.

Engage Audiences with Relevant Audio Content

Designed to deliver a good audio experience, iPhone 7 replaces its traditional headphone port with “EarPods”, which can be operated through the charging port. Infrared sensors within the EarPods enable them to output audio only when the devices are in the user’s ears.

Include audio content to utilise the audio feature of the iPhone 7. Create podcasts of expert interviews, product/ service descriptions, customer feedback, across your mobile device-based web channels to increase audience engagement.

iPhone 7 from Apple has something for everyone, and so too, for your small business. Convert your website into a powerful sales and brand engagement tool with a mobile- optimised design or a separate mobile website.

At Blue Whale Media, our design experts can create websites that deliver superior user experience on mobile devices. The website design Warrington team can include a responsive design, or create a new mobile website, as a step forward for your small business.

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