Excitable Edgar - John Lewis 2019 Christmas Advert

John Lewis 2019 Advert – Excitable Edgar the Dragon ignites Christmas cheer at the Blue Whale Media Ltd offices

What combines a well-loved 80s ballad with a sweet, excitable dragon looking to find his place in his community at Christmas? The 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert of course!

This year, the most anticipated Christmas event of the year (apart from the big day of course) centres around a quaint, snowy fairytale village that is quietly enjoying the magic of winter as they prepare for the most wonderful time of the year. The score for this year’s offering is a quintessential slow ballad rework of a well-loved pop song. This year, they chose REO Speedwagon’s 80s classic, Can’t Fight This Feeling.

The advert shows Edgar happily plodding through the village accompanying young friend and bakers daughter Ava in varying Christmassy settings. In his excitement, he is unable to control his natural fire breathing excitement and causes havoc at the ice rink and melts a snowman. Despite Ava attempting to help him control his fiery breath, poor Edgar manages to burn the village Christmas tree to the ground. Heartbroken and wracked with guilt, he hides away in his home. But Ava finds a way to put Edgar’s fire breathing to good use and include him in the festive celebration he so desperately wants involved with. He delights the town by lighting the brandy on the Christmas pudding and is welcomed with open arms to the feast.

A heartwarming and nostalgic look at the importance of community and coming together during the Christmas season, the John Lewis and Waitrose advert for 2019 is sure to be a hit. After 2018’s lacklustre and heavily criticised Elton John centric advert that failed to hit the right chord with customers, the team at John Lewis had the challenge of returning to their former glory as king of the Christmas adverts.

As usual, the motion graphics, CGI and cinematography is technically flawless and allows full immersion into the fairytale. John Lewis collaborated with long term partners Adam&Eve/DDB to bring Edgar to life for the small screen. As extra oomph to get Edgar out in the world, the company has also released a unique Snapchat filter and a bespoke Edgar emoji for people to use when they tweet about the advert.

Both John Lewis and Waitrose will stock a range of Edgar merchandise and Christmas treats. Every year, the store showcases a brilliant understanding of marketing techniques and grasps at every opportunity to let viewers and customers participate in the magic.

Here at the Blue Whale Media Ltd, there was an overall sense of satisfaction and joy to see John Lewis back on top form. Excitable Edgar made everyone in the office smile and inevitably ‘aww’. The overall consensus is that John Lewis has gone back to a tried and tested method and we love it! We all enjoy the sweet and heartfelt message behind the advert and Edgar is an adorable addition to the John Lewis family that includes Monty the Penguin and Buddy the Boxer.

One criticism that was repeated about the office is that the ending fell a little flat. As overjoyed as we were to see Edgar join in on the festive fun, a few members of our team were hoping to see Edgar finally get to enjoy ice skating or have a more integral role in preparing the Christmas feast. The ending is a great way to incorporate the partnership with Waitrose, but at Blue Whale Media, we wanted Edgar to shine a little brighter by helping prepare the turkey or light the lanterns on the new tree.

Despite a few minor details, we absolutely love the 2019 John Lewis advert and are now really in the festive spirit. Christmas season has well and truly began!

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