How to keep clients up to date on the run-up to the Christmas period

The Christmas period for many companies can be the busiest time of the year, with many sales, offers and deals to prepare for you have to make sure you are well organised and prepared.

Meetings to decide and prepare

As well as Christmas there is also black Friday, cyber Monday and boxing day to prepare for. Before anything is to be finalised and prepared for it is best to have a meeting with the relevant teams who will be involved in the pre-Christmas run-up. Everyone should bring an idea to the table and every idea should be discussed within the team.

Once all ideas have been discussed everyone should be set a different task that relates to their job role within the company.

Social media promotion

If you have social media set up you should let people know that you have some great offers coming up soon this will keep followers intrigued and keep an eye on your page/website or any of platform you use. Something eye-catching such as a graphic or an image would defiantly attract your followers or more followers. As a lot of companies have the Christmas are off over the Christmas period it is always best to schedule any posts you want over that period even if it is a Merry Christmas image to your followers/customers, scheduling posts will give you a chance to relax and know everything is being updated.


A lot of companies have some fun during the Christmas run-up this could be a gingerbread competition, gingerbread making, days or nights out. Post about this on social media, newsletters or anything you send out to customers to keep them updated not only will this keep up with interaction it may also give other companies or individuals ideas.

Competitions and giveaways

If you are doing competitions/giveaways on the run-up to Christmas you must make sure you have the prize so it is ready to post out as soon as the competition/give away has ended. Planning what competition, prize and how long you are running the competition for will make be giving away beforehand will make things easier for you as you will feel more relaxed that everything is in place and running smoothly.


Christmas is an enjoyable season for everyone from planning to putting decorations up to the actual day itself. Office workers may decorate the office and their desk, Christmas songs can be played (you could even do a poll on social media and see what the most favourable song is, again this is engaging customers.) Customers will always be looking out for the next deal or offer and if you are a company that sells goods/services this is a really good chance to engage and bring the customers in. Planning is always the key thing to do with anything you are doing or posting the last thing anyone would want is something to go wrong a stress kick on the most enjoyable time of the year.

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