Working at Home

Keeping Motivated While Working From Home

The phrase ‘working from home’ has never been used as much as in these past few weeks. We’re sure most of you are in a similar predicament of having to gather all your equipment from work and set up your new desk area at home. Whether you’re working in your living room, dining room, kitchen, home office or even your bedroom, we’re all in this together. We wanted to share with your our thoughts on keeping motivated while you’re working from home and how hopefully, we can get through this together.

Stay In Touch Online

A huge difference about working at home is not having the face to face interaction with your fellow colleagues, such as our web designers in Manchester. No matter what industry you work in, you will always have those people that you talk to on a regular basis and even work beside. When you switch to working from home, personal interaction is taken away. This is why it’s key to stay in touch with your work colleagues online. There are many ways to do this, from online messaging software to video conferences and even social media communication. Whichever way you choose to converse, it’s so important to stay in touch as everyone will be in the same boat as you. It also means that people can be there for each other if any issues or questions arise.

Working at Home
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Set A Daily Schedule  

Working from home can throw some people off as it won’t be the usual day to day schedule you are used to. Some advice that will help you stay on track is to create your own daily schedule. Make sure you work the normal hours you would work, have regular breaks including a lunchtime break and add in some time for exercise purposes. It might even be worth setting alarms to remind you to do certain tasks throughout to help with your timekeeping. It’s important to keep as motivated as possible through times like this so ensure you try to upkeep a normal day. Some form of exercise is also key, whether this is a walk on your lunch break or a home workout in the morning/evening.

Create an Organised Desk Space  

Sometimes when you start working from home, you might feel the need to grab your laptop and stay in bed all day. However, even though this sounds like the most comfortable thing in the world, it will only cause issues later down the line. It’s important to set up an organised working environment while working from home. Make sure you have a table/desk and a chair, your computer set up and anything else you might need such as stationary, files and of course music. By doing this, it will allow you to feel a bit of normality while working and will also help with your concentration levels. If you are setting up your own desk space, you do need to make sure that it is in an environment with no distractions. Try and keep away from where family members are most likely to be as it can be quite difficult to stay focussed with others around you.

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Have Regular Breaks

As mentioned in the daily schedule section, breaks are a high priority. Even though you shouldn’t be taking too many, it is important to have time away from your work to help your mental wellbeing. A lunchtime break is essential to do some form of exercise and grab a bite to eat. You should also take regular little breaks to make yourself a drink or check up on the latest news and events so you can give your legs a stretch. Sitting down all day is no good for anyone!

Share Positivity

At the moment, it’s a worrying time for many people so ensuring you are keeping a positive attitude is key. There are many ways you can do this and many people who need to hear some good news. Start with your work colleagues by enticing them to join in on little quizzes or fun topics of conversation. This will not only keep people involved but will also give them a break from their work. Social media is also a great way to share positivity by reposting happy news stories or posting motivational quotes and advice. Doing this will not only make others feel good but will also give you a positive attitude each day.

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With all that being said, the Blue Whale Media team are doing everything we can to help our members of staff, the local community and our existing clients. Why not head over to our social media pages to see how we’re staying positive and what advice we’re giving to small to medium businesses. If you need any help with your website or marketing, our team are also here to help with any enquiries you might have. Call 01925 552050 to talk to us today

Stay safe & stay positive!