Keeping Up to Date with The Latest Instagram Changes

Whenever Instagram has a development, it’s always interesting to watch what happens and also how people react to it. Instagram is a platform that is becoming more and more popular each day with its amazing features and focuses on being the best visual social media platform. This is why it’s so important to keep up to date with the latest updates as Instagram always brings something new to the table.

New Layout

Instagram’s most recent and most popular change has to be their new layout. If you haven’t seen it already, when a user visits their profile, the top section has changed as the profile picture is now on the left. However, the biggest change is the feature that allows you to click on an individual image and scroll through the images on the account without having to click back to the full profile. This new layout was bought in to make scrolling through images a lot easier. Whether you like the change or not, it does make the whole Instagram experience more efficient.

IGTV Horizontal Video

IGTV has fitted perfectly with Instagram’s overall design and people have taken to the feature really well. It allows you to upload videos for longer than the normal Instagram time which adds just another level to the platform. Since it was introduced, it only supported full-screen vertical videos which are good for quick watches but now Instagram has allowed for horizontal video viewing. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it can change the whole experience of viewing a video as you are able to see the full aspect and everything within the video. If you think of YouTube, they allow you to view the video both vertically and horizontally so to compete with bigger companies like that, Instagram needed this to fully optimise IGTV. As this continues, I’m sure they will develop it further.

Branded Content

If you have Instagram already then you will know that marketers have a big impact on the platform. You always see people promoting items on their posts with links to websites. Instagram is now going up a level and produced branded content ads. This is a feature that will allow a business to run ad campaigns through creators to help them reach their audience more successfully. So certain influencers will be promoting a service or product of a brand which can work more efficiently as users will already be familiar with certain social media influencers. Brands can test their ads with different influencers and different content to see what benefits them the most.

Tagging Products

Continuing with the talk of influencers and promoting products on Instagram, the social media platform has now included a new feature that will allow influencers to tag products that they’re wearing and then provide users with an in-app product page to check out fully. This can be a big help to a brand if an influencer can be sponsored and tag a product on their post. The instant checkout feature will give the customer a clear path to purchase the product meaning the potential increase in sales.</p.

Marketing Your Business With Instagram

As you can see from this article, Instagram is constantly improving and will continue to develop as all the big social media platforms will. If you are a business and haven’t been using Instagram to market your services/products, then now is the time to do so. With the help of our social media experts, we can provide an Instagram marketing campaign that will suit the needs of your business and support you in posting regular posts that are aimed to your specific target audience based on location, gender, age or interests. Find out more online or call us on 01925 552050.

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