Lauren's Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media

Key Elements of CSS

There are different key elements to CSS but there are some which are more common and important than others for example Display, Width & Height, Margin & Padding, Border, Color, Background and Font. Each of these are very important and you will be using them more than any other element in CSS.

The display tag can be used to make all the content within the sections into a block so they can be shown at full width or they can be set a certain width such as 60% or 30%. Another way to use display could be inline-blocks which you can use to set a width percentage on a number of blocks to make them fit on the same row. Another way you can display is by hiding content so it no longer displays.

The color, background and fonts are the most used element within CSS as they can be used to change the size of the fonts or add spacing, you can change the color of the font to match your site’s preferences.

Another common element used is the width and height. Both of these are used when changing the size of text, images and it can be used to change the size of blocks so they can be bigger or smaller. 

The last good elements that are used are border, margin and padding. The margin and padding are used to help create spacing between different sections or change the placement of text or images. By using all these elements you can change the look of your site to a whole new level.