Length of Video

The length of a video and a motion graphics piece is a key factor in attempting to determine how long it will take to have a video completed. Sometimes people believe that it is the same as graphic design, whereas, if something doesn’t look right or they want it changing then it takes a long time to fix it, as it’s not as simple as just replacing whatever they want. A video is edited using frames, every single frame has to be created and edited. In simple terms, each frame is a graphic design that needs to be created. If we do the maths, a 10-minute video at 60 frames per second. There are 3,600 frames in one minute of footage, therefore there are 36,000 frames in a 10-minute video. That is a lot of graphics that need to be created and monitored. This can take a long time and needs to be factored in.

Type of Video

If I am editing a live-action piece, for example, drone footage, it is a lot easier and quicker than a motion graphics piece, due to the fact that I already have the footage and don’t have to create it myself, it’s about getting the flow right with the music and having it graded correctly. As previously mentioned, motion graphics videos need creating and can take a longer time to produce.

Information on Video

If a client has provided a lot of information about the video or I have been given an order/flow with which to work with, then the video can be produced rather easily. However, if the client doesn’t provide a lot of information then it can take a long time to create a video, especially if the information is added after the video is created, in essence, this is creating a whole new video.


Videos are important, however, so are the other things in my schedule and everything needs to be done at some point. Therefore, it can be difficult to schedule in a video not knowing exactly how long it is going to take. If I get one day booked out for a video and it takes longer than that, then it will have to be rescheduled and you lose the intrinsic flow that you had on the day.

Techniques Required

Not every motion graphics designer is perfect, and I am by no means an exception. We know how to do so many things that sometimes we forget how to do a certain technique e.g. a cool looking transition. These then take a little time to re-visit and adds to the time of creating the video

What the Video Is About

This is a massive factor in determining the length of the video. If the video has to be 2 minutes long and there has been little/no information provided and the subject matter is fairly stale, it is hard to come up with enough substance to create a 2-minute video.

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