Key Performance Indicators for Determining the Success of Your SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimization refers to how your website ranks on search engines such as Google. The higher your page ranks, the higher the returns you receive. It is then important to ensure that your ranking is at the top. Analyzing the success of your SEO campaign will keep you on your toes. You will be able to tell how your page is doing and what obstacles it is facing. You will, therefore, make better and informed decisions on improving your website.

Below are a different ways that you can use to measure the performance of your website:

Tracking Keywords

One of the key performance indicators in measuring SEO success is the keyword ranking. To know how your keywords are ranking, you need to track them over a period of time. This way, you will be able to tell the ones that are doing well and those that are not.

Based on the information you gather, you can choose to work more on those that are not performing but have the potential. Alternatively, if you feel that there are not of much benefit in using some keywords, you can ignore them and rally your efforts to those that are working.

Measuring Traffic Volume and Quality

Another way of measuring SEO success is by analyzing the traffic that goes to your site. This includes the number of visits your website receive as well as the activity in your web pages. To know the traffic volume on your site, check the number of visits that were done through organic search. Before you label the traffic to be low, remember that it depends on the people you have targeted. For instance, a Cheshire SEO targeting people who are looking for a cardiologist will have less traffic compared to a Cheshire SEO targeting those looking for financial solution services.

Analyzing the activity on your website will determine the quality of the traffic it is attracting. You can measure this by checking the average duration of all visits, the number of visits that bounced, and the pages each visitor checked.

Analyzing Sales and Leads

The main reason why businesses create pages is to increase sales and revenue. By analyzing sales generated from your website, you will be able to know the performance. The Google Analytics ecommerce tracking is a good way to generate your sales and revenue reports.

Besides increasing sales, your Cheshire SEO can increase leads to your business. Tracking the leads will allow you to tell how your site is doing. You can track the leads by analyzing the people who requested a quote, appointment, or contact with others.

Final Thoughts

About 92% of online traffic goes to websites found on the first page of Google. That’s why it is important that your website makes it to this page. Analyzing the SEO success will help you make better decisions on what to do going forward. You will know the right keywords to use in your Cheshire SEO that will attract people to your website.

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