Key questions that have to be asked to a client before designing

Every website designer in Manchester has been in a situation where they have hit creative blocks or miscommunications happen with the design process of a project. This creates an endless cycle of revisions going around in circles trying to figure out how to approach a certain project. This might be because you’re not asking the right questions or maybe not enough questions. I believe that the more research and time put into a design brief the more likely you are to get a design that works and therefore are happier customer. The design brief is where you’ll fid the questions you would never know the answer too so it is vital that it is executed correctly.

Describing the company

It might be kind of obvious, but getting an overview of what the company does is very important when creating a brand. What sector of work are they in is probably the most

important to understand. Perhaps ask them to describe their business in 5 single adjectives to get a sense of the companies personality. Are they corporate or informal? Luxurious or cheap? Adjectives like this will definitely help you in the creativity side when creating a brand.

Target audience

Similar to describing the business knowing their target audience is crucial element of creating a company’s brand and image. As different demographics are attracted to different things it is important that you are targeting the brand towards there audience. For example a professional solicitors will most likely go for a corporate look as they want the brand to appeal to professionals.

Your competitors strengths

Most ideas nowadays aren’t original or new so knowing what your competitors are doing and why they are doing well is something that you may have to focus on. What makes their branding so strong? How are they attracting the target audience? Are questions you will have to find out when investigating into their brand. You almost have to blend in with the other whilst standing out at the same time.

Companies future

Knowing where your client sees themselves in  1, 5, 20 year’s time can have a massive impact on how you create a brand. It is always better to create brands which are timeless rather than trendy. It is important to know whether your client plans to expand their business or dive into now markets. Knowing their future goals also allows you to indulge into the vision with them allowing more opportunities of work with them down the path. 

Client USPs

What makes you different from the rest? This could be a question that adds that little bit of value to a brand giving it a slightly better edge. Every company should have a USP which they can promote within their brand. I think it is a very important question to ask when trying to promote a difference between you and your competitors. This can also link on with what their clients have to say about them. Learning what their clients love about them is great when stating to develop brand messaging.