Keyword Research Mistakes You Must Avoid

The very first step of a good SEO strategy is keyword research. Start by thinking about the words you’d like to rank for. Yet, keyword research can turn out to be an exhausting task. The easiest thing to do is to hire a Manchester SEO agency.  However, there are some mistakes you should steer clear of to ensure you have a successful keyword research strategy.

Irrelevant Keywords

It is important to aim for keywords that your target customers are using. Try to mimic the language of your audience. As the insider of your business, you use a certain term for your product, but your customers might be referring to it in completely different words. Say, you are selling dresses for parties and gala events. You might refer to them as gala dresses. However, your customers are searching for “gown”, or “evening dresses”. So be sure to use words that your audience is using to ensure you gain much traffic.

Unrealistic Keywords

Ensure you are aiming for realistic keywords. Some niches are highly competitive. Ranking in such niches is very difficult if you’ve just launched your business or website. If you’ve just started, avoid going for the primary keywords just yet. Rather, focus on long tail keywords. You can rank for these much more easily and you have higher chances of conversions too. Aim for the primary keyword once you’ve met with some success on your long tail keywords. For example, it is far easier to rank for the long tail keyword “healthy food in Manchester” than for the primary keyword “food”.

Singular over Plural

Check whether you should use your keyword in the singular form or plural form. For instance, should it be “taxi in Manchester” or “taxis in Manchester”? Should it be “holiday homes” or “holiday home”? What form is your target audience using when searching for your product/service? Check on Google Trends to find out what form would be best for your business, as it completely depends on the keyword and niche.

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