Last Minute Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching, but do you have your marketing campaigns planned for these big days? The e-commerce industry is constantly growing and has become super competitive. You need to work on effective marketing campaigns as the only way to stay ahead of your competitors and maximize sales. But what happens if you have nothing planned out and you have to work with last-minute plans? You can still make them work, and with the assistance of a reliable marketing agency Warrington, you will make the most out of your marketing campaign. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top last-minute Black Friday/ Cyber Monday marketing tips.

Countdown emails

If you did not have time to craft teaser emails regarding Black Friday, you can craft convincing but straightforward countdown emails and send them a day or two before the sales day. This works great as it is a perfect way to grab your audience’s attention and helps build anticipation. Coming up with a selling email can be hard, but with the help of a marketing agency Warrington, the experts will craft the best selling emails.

Incorporate checkout coupons

This is a super easy yet cost-effective way to attract buyers and stand out among your competitors. The buyers will be on the hunt for the best prices, and offering the coupon on checkout is an excellent way for them to save their coins on top of what they saved with the discounts.

Update your targets on fast-selling products

Send emails and let people know about limited stock and fast-selling products that you have left in stock. It is called the scarcity principle, and it works just fine, and the best part is that it does not require a lot of time to plan. This triggers the fear of missing out, thus creating urgency. If you don’t feel like you can make convincing emails, let a marketing agency Warrington do the hard work for you.

Incorporate series pop-ups

This is a super-effective way to convince buyers to give-in their email addresses. The best is that the pop-ups are super easy to install, especially with the help of a marketing agency Warrington and are therefore best for the last minute. 

The cart-abandonment offer

This is among the easiest yet effective tricks to convert as many purchasers as possible. These are automated emails that trigger the buyers to abandon their shopping baskets and complete their purchases. Again, if you are busy and have not time to do this, leave the task to a marketing agency Warrington.

Provide customized discounts

Let’s say you did not have time to plan for coupons and offers. That means that your site visitors will have leave and go looking for coupons elsewhere. Things do not have to go down that road. Be smart and incorporate the last-minute discounts, which will undoubtedly capture the buyers’ attention. Make sure they are reasonable enough to help you generate revenue.

Black Friday/Monday Cyber is the best time to make crazy sales and attract as many buyers as you can. Luckily, all these mentioned tactics are super easy to implement, and with a marketing agency Warrington, everything gets even better. Blue Whale Media is a reliable and trustworthy marketing agency, and you can trust that we will help make these tips work. Send us an email on [email protected]and. Let’s discuss your needs before getting started.

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