Last-Minute Marketing Tips For Black Friday

Last-Minute Marketing Tips For Black Friday

Black Friday has become a significant date in the festive retail and ecommerce calendar for many businesses. Now Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season, but it also boosts the revenue of many businesses more so than any other time of year. The festive event presents incredible marketing opportunities for businesses to take advantage of how shoppers will be willing to spend big on the lead up to Christmas.

With Black Friday nearly upon us, you should have already prepared your marketing; if not, then our team at Blue Whale Media are on hand. All is not lost, as we have put together some last-minute tips for optimising your marketing for the festive shopping weekend.


Establish what you’d like to offer your customers

Generally, you should be offering major savings or discounts on or before Black Friday. This is where you need to consider what discounts are likely to appeal to the interests of your target customer whilst ensuring that your business retains a profit. What services or products do you have that are already appealing without a discount? How many customers will buy or purchase a product or service with a discount? Maybe add some incentives during the black Friday weekend, for example, free shipping throughout November or even a discount on their next purchase to encourage them to come back and shop again.

Be active on social media

There are two goals when you’re planning last-minute marketing for social media. The first is to schedule and create posts on Facebook or Instagram about your offers or discounts. The second is to interact or respond to customer comments, which is the simple part but can be manic on social channels this time of year. In 2021 there are more people than ever shopping online and via social media. So even if you are doing it last minute, targeting your posts to the right people for Black Friday is essential. Just make sure that your ads and posts are worth your customers time and money.

Step up your customer service

There’s a good chance that new visitors will have questions about your product or services; making information available to them will help to steer them in the right direction. Once potential customers understand your product or service through your content they are bound to have more questions, especially during the festive season. If you’ve got a limited time offer or discount running, you may get more questions from customers, which means your customer service team needs to be on hand should there be an influx of queries.

It’s never too late for an email.

Annually, half the shoppers in the UK pick up deals or discounts from an email or newsletter from popular retailers or brands. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to drive sales and engage consumers during the festive season. You can use your emails to send out teasers or sneak previews of the discounts you’ll be offering over the Black Friday weekend.

Every business wants to make the most of the boost in sales and revenue during Black Friday, but with the amount of competition online, this means you have to plan your marketing and be prepared. At Blue Whale Media, our marketing team can plan campaigns to perfection, no matter the festivity.