Last-Minute Planning Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Last-Minute Planning Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner, we are positive that you are ready with your sales planning by now. Wait, you still don’t have any plans yet? Or are you looking for some last-minute tips? Don’t fret because we have got you covered on this. Our team at Blue Whale Media, have listed some Black Friday and Cyber Monday ideas with you below.

Pop-Up Design

As these shopping events starts to near, many shoppers end up browsing multiple e-commerce websites to look for gift ideas. It helps them to discover what actually they want to get for their loved ones. So, by choosing to create a new pop-up design for your website or by adjusting the existing one to match the holiday sale, you end up encouraging many shoppers to give their email address to your website. They do so to receive a free item, other promotions, or a bonus discount in the future. You should make sure that your visitors see this pop-up as the first thing on your site.

Content Calendar

When you plan your holiday-based content calendar, you get to notify your email subscribers about every single promotion once the date of the sales begins to approach. Advance email scheduling also assists in ensuring that you are able to give as much time into the process of drafting exciting emails, which captures the attention of your subscribers. Avoid bombarding them with emails and choose to send one email every week before the events come. It will help you showcase newer products and promotions as well. It is super helpful for online shoppers.

Create Personalised Emails

Email marketing is the best way to send out offers for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as not all of your customers will find the same information beneficial. Create special welcome emails that are personalised for new customers and separate ones for last year’s customers that encourage them to return to your shop.

Inclusion of Holiday Dates

It is crucial to communicate with your consumers about the promotional dates. By doing so, you allow them to take complete advantage of the sales that are coming. Work these dates inside your content calendar of social media, the email marketing campaign, as well as the visible banner ads present in your e-commerce website. It removes the trouble of your customers to find the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales timing. Not everyone will see what you post, so make sure to always reiterate vital information at all times.

More Last-Minute Tips

  • A checkout process that continuously malfunctions will only drive out customers. It is your responsibility to always test it. Plus, all your discount codes should remain activated at all times.
  • You have to understand that not every single consumer will find the same info relevant. Ensure that you are doing something different for the old customers too, in the hopes that they will return.

If you need further tips for the last-minute planning preparation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, get in touch with Blue Whale Media today.