Marketing Trends of 2019

We all make personal goals. As a marketer, you should also include the marketing department in your 2019 goals. The landscape of marketing is ever changing. Hence it is quite difficult to predict which methods will effectively connect with consumers. What worked in 2009 may not work or your business in 2019.

You do not need to change all the strategies which you used, but you should at least recognize the latest marketing trends. The decision will be up to you to make the necessary changes based on the new trends. If you want to be successful, you should observe and implement the below marketing trends for your business.

Acceleration of Agile Marketing Adoption

Everyday digital transformations continue to accelerate, and the demand for excellent customer experience continues to grow. Marketers are forced to use new methods of thinking, working and collaborations to ensure their businesses are thriving.

Many marketing teams are now adopting agile marketing as part of their business transformations. They need to prioritize and understand the kind of problems they are looking for and why. They also need to outline which outcomes need to be achieved at a given period.

The Use of AI Continues to Grow

Artificial Intelligence is growing by the day. AI can perform tasks which humans deem as difficult; it makes data analysis to be easy and effective and can target potential leads quickly. Sometimes AI can take the form of advanced machine learning. For example, the popular Netflix system which recommends favourite TV shows to watch is technically artificial intelligence.

AI can also help you to monitor and understand consumer’s online patterns and their behaviours in real time. However, even if you don’t intend to use AI in the above way you can still use it to evaluate how consumers react to it and if the big shots in the industry are using it.

Videos and More Videos

Everybody is talking about the use of videos in all social networks. New channels are also emerging every day on video content. Video and high-quality content gains more attraction and promotes growth.

Many people have a short concentration span; hence it’s advisable to use engaging videos from SEO Warrington to communicate with readers and potential customers. The main reason why videos are gaining more popularity is that they are more authentic and quick to digest as compared to any other content.

Use of Chatbots

Customer service is vital for every business. However, not everyone will be comfortable talking one on one with a person or via email. The ability of not having a one on one conversation is what makes the use of chatbots convenient.

Chatbots are AI helpers which are incorporated in a website, and they can answer questions and fulfil requests quickly. They can do all this without sacrificing personality. Studies conducted showed that almost 45% of end users prefer using chatbots as compared to customer service. If you have a chatbot from SEO Warrington, you can win all the people who love using them and increasing sales for your business.


2019 is going to be a great and big year for marketers. New technology has made marketing to be competitive as compared to the previous years. That is why every marketer should use SEO Warrington for all the latest marketing trends.

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