Latest Yoast Update: Yoast 11

Yoast SEO Plugin is in its 11th generation of updates. As an SEO agency, we understand the immense benefits of Yoast and its advantages for optimising a WordPress website. In this blog, we’ll go over the latest update to Yoast and how this will affect users and SEO.

Schema Implementation

Any SEO knows the power of structured data and how it helps search engines understand your content, a powerful tool to reach the ranks you or your client wants. Structured data allows websites to give further information to search engine crawlers, or point out information already on the page. This can be things such as reviews/ratings, blog post date, article author, product price and more things. All this structured data helps crawlers.

In Yoast 11, the plugin makes implementing this structured data so much easier and in many cases automatic, meaning the user just goes about creating good, fresh content and the plugin will do the rest where structured data is concerned!

WordPress Version Compatibility

Yoast SEO usually only supports the two most recent versions of WordPress, however, due to the large update of WordPress 5.0, Yoast decided to continue supporting WordPress 4.9. However, with the release of Yoast 11.3, this support will be reverted back to the last two versions (WordPress 5.2 and 5.3)

This means Yoast users who are still on 4.9 and haven’t made the jump to Guetenburg will have to update their WordPress files, or risk Yoast SEO not working on their website and possibly damaging their SEO.

SEO Marketing With Blue Whale Media

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