Level Up Your Social Media Strategy for Christmas


Level Up Your Social Media Strategy for Christmas 

It’s no shock that Christmas is a busy time for most companies. Consumers go crazy around the holiday season with their shopping impulses along with making actual purchases. This means with social media being at the forefront of everyone’s social lives it is a great way to push out your Christmas marketing strategy.


Your brand needs to be engaging and appealing to your customers. Your social media account need to not only showcase who you are as a brand but show your audience what they want to see. Your social media strategy should always be engaging but with Christmas time approaching it is a great opportunity to create engaging content. You can niche down your content for the Christmas period and make it personal to your audience.


Run a Competition/ Giveaway

The Christmas period is the golden opportunity to create a successful competition on your social media. This is undoubtedly the most expensive time of the year for everyone so the drive to win an item/service could be a lot more needed than usual. Not only can a giveaway draw more attention to the individual post but it can really help drive traffic to your page. Boosting the reach of your brand is another great perk to running competitions. Running competitions with your own styling and showcasing your brand identity is vital when it comes to giveaways. As most people will share these posts you want them to be identifiable when it comes to your company.


Give Back

Tis’ the season for giving, so why not give back to others? Can you do something nice for a charity? Or help out someone in need? Although you may be wondering how this links into your social media marketing campaign… This can be great publicity for your business! It shows that you’re a credible and generous company. You can really make this a useful part of your campaign by using correct hashtags and tastefully publicising the occasion. Why not create a social media video? Or let your clients know through email marketing?



With Christmas being so widely celebrated you can really engage your audience through the relatability factor. Embrace Christmas with everything you do! Why not go all out and conduct some spring cleaning on your profiles? Update your banner with a more Christmassy theme, change your profile picture to something a little more festive, maybe switch up your bio to make sure it is more up to date with your branding and company updates. But don’t forget to stay on brand. Although it can be fun you have to make sure you’re staying true to your brand identity.
So as you can see Christmas is a great time to refresh your social media accounts and come up with some new and fun marketing strategies for the holiday period. Everyone loves Christmas, so you should too! We hope you have been inspired by these festive tips! Don’t forget to head over to our socials for more information and inspiration for the next Christmas period @bluewhalemedia