What is it like working for a web design company


Why I wanted to work in a web design company

Since primary school I have always enjoyed working on computers and learning how to use the programmes, although it was mainly Word, Excel and PowerPoint!

I used to love making PowerPoints with all the effects that where available like adding music, sliding images and all the different tex, it was great fun!

In high school I took GCSE ICT and passed with a A*. I have always looked at websites (mainly clothes) and thought it was clever how they are put together and all you had to do was search what you wanted and bam it was there in front of you!

When I discovered Blue Whale Media I had a look at the websites they had built which were great (obviously) and when a job came up I knew that working in that sort of business was perfect for me, although I wasn’t doing actual web design I was in a company that produced websites and knew I could learn a lot moving forward.

The best part about working in web design

Initially when I first started Blue Whale Media I knew nothing about web design and had to recap on all the basics of a computer as I hadn’t used one for a good few years. It took time to learn the new programmes that the company used, specially in a website company as we had to use programmes I had never heard of to ensure that our data was secure for us and our clients.

As the days, weeks, months and years passed, without even realising I was learning new skills every day and even started working on clients websites. It was great getting more into the web design side of things.

I personally love working on e-commerce (shop) websites as I now add the products and images onto the site. You see the site go from plain canvas to a fully functional site with products on that customers can buy.

The best part is when the client is happy with their site and it goes live.

The negatives to working in web design

Unfortunately working in a web design company, it does come with some negatives. Every client has different opinions on how they would like their website to look, unfortunately sometimes this information is not provided to us or our designers. The design team will come up with a homepage design, which gets sent over to the client for its first look and if they have had a different look in mind all the work will have to be re-done and the project started from scratch. But that comes with the business when you are designing something.

Working in a web design office

Some people think working in an office is people working separately behind computer screens in silence. Some offices may be like this, but at Blue Whale Media it is different. Working on computers can be tiring we always make sure that ourselves and members of staff have had a break away from the screen and had a stretch at least every hour as it is a job where you are sat down a lot.

The environment is friendly and the atmosphere is always upbeat. Everyone gets on and enjoys a laugh but knows the limit when work needs to be done. There are times were the team will need to work together and times where we work individually, but either way the work gets completed to the best of everyone’s ability.

Advice to someone who wants to work in web design

Web design is a great job to work in its interesting and there is no same client or website. Every website can look different and have different features.  If anyone wanted to join a web design company I would say to go in with their eyes open and always be open to learning new skills. Always do your research on the company you are joining and go for it, let your creative spark shine.