LinkedIn Marketing tips to help your profile evolve

When it comes to social media and online media marketing, Facebook receives a lot of the focus, and it’s easy to see why. It is the highest grossing platform and has the highest level of interactive users. However, LinkedIn has recently been invigorated by a stream of users that is steadily growing to be more than 500 million strong. Naturally, businesses and brands are thinking about their LinkedIn marketing strategies and how they can adapt their current social media strategies to suit the platform. Below, our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team have listed a few great ways to elevate your LinkedIn strategy to help you stand out from the competition.

Complete your business profile

Sadly, just setting up a profile for your brand isn’t enough to help you stand out amongst the steadily growing crowd. Statistics show that fully completed profiles see approximately twice as many visitors than their less completed competition. So, what makes a profile complete? Our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team always ensure that elements like company descriptions, logos, company size and descriptions and a vanity URL are completed filled out. By taking the time to make sure that these elements of your LinkedIn page are fully completed will give your audience a better idea of who you are, which will help you get the edge over your competitors.

Engage with your colleagues LinkedIn profiles

There is nobody else better suited to help your business page gain traction than your employees. Your colleagues know what your brand goals are, and can help you achieve them with targeted content boosts and shares to help increase the visibility of your page.

By engaging with your employees, you are increasing your brands reach. This amplified reach can entice new customers and clients to your brand. Statistics show that 42% of users can have between 300 and 999 connections. This number multiplied by the number of colleagues you have presents a huge number of new connections and potential clients.

But, it’s not enough just to rely on your colleagues to boost your visibility. Our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team always advise that the content that you’re wanting your team to share is valuable and useful. Engaging with your potential customers through great content will see an increase in conversion rates.

Cross-platform promotions

No great empire stands alone. As we previously mentioned, Facebook is still a vital online media marketing tool. Although they can be very different from one another, both platforms are exceptional ways to grow your online presence and visibility. Our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team know that cross channel promotion offers the chance to maximise your brand’s growth.


LinkedIn is a fantastic platform that offers brands the ability to cast a wide net whilst still offering customers an open channel of communication. For more advice and tips from our LinkedIn Marketing Warrington team, please visit our website.

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