Why Should Businesses Use Live Chat?

These days online live chats are all the rave with businesses. You’re just browsing a website or shopping for something, then boom – some random guy wants to talk to you. We do the exact same thing here on our website too! Well, those employees are there for a bunch more useful reasons than to have a quick chat with any online customers. In this blog, I’ll cover just some of the points as to why businesses should utilise a live chat feature on their website.

Website Engagement

A live chat promotes engagement not only on your website but also between customers and your business. The direct communication between the customer and the business keeps your user engaged, and the longer they’re chatting the longer they’re on the website for. After all, why wouldn’t you want them on your website? Longer session times means they are interested in your products or services and even brings a slight SEO boost as it shows search engines that your content is very relevant to users.

Customer Service and Loyalty

The presence of a live chat allows businesses to easily deal with customers and feedback as soon as it comes in – and sometimes live chats allow customers to raise their complaints or feedback when they normally wouldn’t as they may not want to reach out with email or a phone call. Live chats also allows businesses to deal with customer problems as soon as they come in. This can also promote brand loyalty as if they have a good experience once why wouldn’t they return?

Increase Sales

The presence of a live chat allows an experienced member of the business to sell a product right then and there. No, I’m not talking about selling something like your knocking on doors. That will only annoy the user and make your business look desperate. Just dealing with a customer, answering questions and providing useful information can be the difference between making a sale or not. Not to mention that the communication between the live chat agent and the customer allows you to understand the customer’s needs and problems, allowing you to recommend other products which the customer may be interested in, increasing their order value, your business revenue and the customer’s experience. It’s a win-win situation right?


If you want a good business website and retain a good relationship with your customers, you can’t ignore the rising usage of live chat. Using live chats on your website is beneficial to both the business and customer. There are plenty of different live chat systems out there. Premium and free, in-house and outsourced, everything you need. You just need to find one that suits you!

Blue Whale Media can help you set up a live chat service for your website. Our web development service specialises in adding extra functionality, features and plugins to your website, such as a live chat. View our web development service online or contact us today on 01925 552050!

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