Benefits of having live chat on your website

Having a live chat feature on your website could be very beneficial for you. A lot of customers find it easier to speak over live chat and it may find it more beneficial if they don’t have time to speak on the phone. Not only can you be there straight away for a customer it will be more efficient and effective for everyone.

Live chat and customers

Studies have revealed that customers in this day of age react positively to live chat. People prefer live chat systems more than speaking on the phone or email this is due to the quick response rate and being more convenient. For many customer they find live chat less stressful than speaking on the phone as some people do not feel comfortable speaking to someone they do not know. Live char is a great tool to use for sales not only does it give customers real time interaction it is also cost effective and easy trackable than an phone conversation would be.

Website Live Chat

Why is live chat more efficient

Live chat can be more efficient for a business as on a call only one person can be seen to at a time whereas on live chat more than one person can be spoken to at a time. As live chat is text based there will always be a transcript of every conversation, this is really beneficial to have and relay back to if a problem arises. Using live chat is more time worthy than being on the phone, you can speak to more than one customer at a time and tailor their needs. Using live chat and speaking to more than one customer at a time could easily bring in more business.

Building trust

By having a live chat on your website it makes you available as soon as the option is open. Being able to be in contact straight away gives you the opportunity to build trust with your customer. Having a live chat system will bring a wider range of customers which will prove to other upcoming customers and older customers that you are responsive and available quickly. Building trust is part of good customer service if you have that trust people won’t think twice about using you again and will be happy enough to share their good experience with you.

Live chat in a business

Although live chat is usually used as a ‘help desk’ there is no limit to what you can do on live chat which could really help with sales coming in. with the positive response rate from the live chat means this could be very effective. The great things about live chat is that you have the time to talk to people and even if their busy days they will have time to chat. Using live chat you can help a customer with what they need quick and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is a big one in any company and having the tools to help you make your customers happy will help you grow and become more efficient.

Website Live Chat