Alex's Bakery website build

Local businesses we’ve helped: Alex’s Bakery

With 69% per cent of eCommerce traffic coming from Google, you may want to consider how an eCommerce website can benefit your business. At Blue Whale Media, one of the local businesses we have helped is Alex’s Bakery; a bakery in Manchester that sells cakes and other bakery treats. With their eCommerce website, we have enabled them to now offer their cakes and bakes online as well as offer a cake subscription service. 

Our Work

We created a professional and modern eCommerce website for Alex’s Bakery; we incorporated a predominantly pink and teal green colour scheme. The website’s main aim was for it to be as unique as the cakes they sell; to do this, we used a variety of fonts, popping images, and varying shapes on the website to give it a playful feel. 

The website stands out because we have used gifs of the products on the website; we also included an afternoon tea booking system that is easy to use, including a weekly or monthly subscription on some of the bakery goods they sell. The eCommerce website can allow customers to choose from delivery or collection as well as distance-based shipping and conditional shipping for nationwide customers. Alex’s Bakery has been one of our best developments yet; with an eye-popping web design and intricate user experience features, they will now be able to attract new customers and ensure they feel safe when buying products online. 

The Benefits of eCommerce: 

The online marketplace is a good platform for you to expand your business. 

  • Faster and easier buying – eCommerce websites allow you to buy the things you want quicker and easier than when shopping in-store. If you have an eCommerce website, your customers will be happier when shopping, as with a few clicks, they can buy or subscribe. 
  • ​​Open always – When you sell online, your business is open all the time to customers, as automation ensures that the sales process is constantly flowing and consumers can buy all day, every day. 
  • Serve Niche Markets – eCommerce makes accessing niche markets even more manageable. The breadth of the internet makes it easier for customers to find you; even if you serve a niche market, you’ll find it easier to distribute your products online. 
  • Space for product showcase – An eCommerce product page lets you input as much information about your product as you like. An eCommerce website will give you plenty of space to showcase product diversity, from colours to sizes and materials. 

Why We Love Working With Local Businesses

At Blue Whale Media, over the years, we have worked with a lot of local businesses and it’s part of our mission to help those in the local community. We are in the digital world; it is more important than ever to have a website where people can find you. If you’re a small business and feel like you don’t need a website, you might want to take a look at some of the websites we have built. This is especially the case when you have products to sell; you can expand your reach within the market and industry. 

Running an eCommerce website is typically pretty easy, plus it is low-risk and low-cost; in 2014, the number of digital buyers was 1.32 billion people, but in 2019 it was recorded at 1.92 billion. If you are interested in setting up an eCommerce website, please get in touch with Blue Whale Media today!