Carpets at Home website build

Local businesses we’ve helped: Carpets at Home 

A business functioning in 2021 should have a website; it can be used for many purposes, but if you are a business that has services on offer, you can use it to showcase them perfectly. At Blue Whale Media, one of the local businesses we have helped is Carpets at Home; with the many carpet and flooring retailers in the North West, our mission was to ensure their website stands out from the competition.

Our Work 

At Blue Whale Media, the team has created a modern and brand-specific website for Carpets at Home; firstly, the design matches their current logo and enhances online brand awareness. The new website is now well spaced out and our content team have rewritten their content to showcase the company and the services they offer to their current and potential customers. We included hover and page animation throughout the website to increase the engagement of website visitors. We also used high-resolution images included within an owl carousel on the homepage to showcase what Carpets at Home do as a business. The team used custom post types within the website to allow the client to easily add testimonials from their customers, which is extremely important for their company.

The new modern re-design of Carpets At Home’s website showcases many new features in order to make their stance online. The new features of the website will help increase brand awareness as well as build a strong brand presence for the company.

Showcasing Your Business 

The Internet is an effective platform for showcasing what businesses have to offer, whether that’s a portfolio and testimonials from clients or even your services. A few simple clicks will allow your customers to see what you’re all about; they can even do this outside of business hours! Having somewhere to showcase your business and the services you provide may just help you to boost your business and potentially get more customers. 

A website can add instant credibility to your business simply by having a website; this is because the 21st-century consumer is a sceptic. 56% of people stated that they wouldn’t trust a business without a website, so if your a business without a website, you could be instantly losing credibility as a legitimate business.

Why We Love Working With Local Businesses? 

At Blue Whale Media, we have worked with a lot of local businesses and we aim to work with but what is the importance of this? We are a small local business ourselves and we know how much creating a website and branding can take. But, in reality, a website design can make or break your business; the majority of people will probably give your business a Google if they are interested in buying from you. Working with local businesses is something we pride ourselves on, especially when we know how much it can impact a business in terms of interaction, increased sales and brand awareness. 

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